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2020-22 Board of Directors Call for Nominations

Nominations are due October 15, 2019

Dear SGC International Members,

SGC International is seeking nominations/self-nominations for the 2020-2022 Executive Board, with terms beginning in April 2020 and ending in April 2022. Service on the board is an outstanding way to contribute to the organization and to make a positive impact on our printmaking community. We hope you will consider nominating individuals for these important leadership roles described below.

All SGCI Members in good standing are invited to nominate/self-nominate by uploading candidate’s materials at

Nominations should include the following information:

  • Name of the Nominee
  • Nominee’s contact information (phone number & email)
  • Institutional/professional affiliation (if any)
  • Statement of intent addressing the nominee’s background, qualifications, and interest in serving with consideration of SGC International’s mission and diversity/inclusivity and student focus initiatives.
  • A current Curriculum Vitae.

The SGC International Nominating Committee, composed of three former board members, is charged with creating a slate of nominees that reflects the philosophic, geographic, institutional, racial, and gender diversity of our membership. A preliminary slate selected from the pool of nominations will be voted on by the board. 

Elections will then take place at the Membership Meeting at our upcoming conference, Puertográfico 2020, April 1 – 4, 2020. In any election, the organization will allow nominations from the floor prior to calling for any vote, though it is strongly encouraged that those interested in serving on the board express their desire to serve through our standard nominations process.

For more information please contact Kate McQuillen or Charles Beneke

Thank you,

Charles Beneke
President, SGC International

SGC International Board of Directors Support:

SGC International provides support for board members’ participation in the Mid-Year Meeting which is traditionally held in October or November of each year at the site of the upcoming conference. This support includes:

  • a stipend of up to $500 for travel,
  • hotel accommodations (SGCI’s conference hotel contracts usually include comped rooms for the Mid-Year Meeting. If this is not the case, SGCI will cover hotel expenses for board members. Board members should expect to share a room for these meetings.), and
  • at least one meal per day while attending the meeting.
  • Full travel and hotel expenses are paid for the Student Representative.

SGCI board members are responsible for paying for their SGCI Memberships and conference registrations. SGCI board members receive neither conference registration reductions nor conference registration waivers.

Institutional support of the nominees by their organizations is helpful. In extenuating circumstances some compensation may be available for officers not supported by their institutions for travel to the meetings. It is recognized that some nominees may not be affiliated with an educational institution or to an organization.

Qualifications of Nominees:

Executive Board nominees:

  • must be dedicated to the mission of the organization, understand the constitution and bylaws, and be able to carry out their responsibilities as SGCI Executive Board Members as outlined in these documents and in the SGCI Handbook,
  • must be SGCI members in good standing,
    must be able to attend the Annual Conferences during their terms, and make an effort to attend all Mid-Year Meetings,
  • must be able to work on SGCI’s Google Drive and attentively communicate via our Slack and SGCI Gmail accounts,
  • must have the potential to collaborate effectively,
  • must be prepared to fulfilling the duties of their positions with dedicated, consistent, focused effort, and
  • must be willing to sign the SGC International Conflict of Interest Policy. (insert link)

Board of Directors Nominations Submissions

Descriptions and Responsibilities

of SGC International Officers and Board Members


The President is responsible to the membership of the organization and the Executive Board, as provided for in the Bylaws and Constitution of the organization. The President provides leadership for the organization by overseeing routine operations of the organization, and by identifying opportunities, or problems and establishing priorities for initiatives to be undertaken by the organization. 

The president oversees and works with the Executive Board and Staff to ensure optimal operation of the organization. The President serves as ex-officio member of all committees of the organization.

Description of most important responsibilities/tasks:

  • Works with and supervises SGCI’s Program Coordinator.
  • Appoints or renews terms for all non-voting members to the Executive Board. (All Coordinators and Website Editor & Curator).
  • Works with Conference Steering Committees to identify and appoint Conference Host Liaisons and Conference Student Liaisons. 
  • Works with affiliate organization officers to identify and appoint Affiliate Liaisons.
  • Appoints and charges active committees (Awards Committee, Nominating Committee and other ad-hoc committees as needed by the organization.).
  • Assigns appropriate individuals for SGCI-sponsored panels at the Annual conference (ex: Education Panel) and affiliate organization conferences, (CAA, SECAC, IMPACT, etc)
  • Schedules, organizes, and chairs all Executive Board Meetings: Conference Board meetings and annual Membership Meeting, annual Mid-Year Meeting, and other meetings as deemed necessary. Meetings during the annual conference are scheduled in coordination with the Conference Steering Committee  and Conference Site Liaison.
  • Develops agendas for all above meetings in consultation with the Executive Board.
  • Works with Conference Steering Committee and Executive Board to secure annual conference sites at least 2 to 3 years in advance. 
  • Communicates with Executive Board as needed.
  • Writes President’s Letter to be posted on the website twice annually  during term.
  • Assists with fundraising.
  • Understands and utilizes governance documents for the benefit of the organization.
  • Works with Secretary and Archives Coordinator to ensure that dated copies of all important papers including latest governance revisions are sent to The SGCI Archives at the Zuckerman Museum of Art. 
  • Maintains President’s files and passes all relevant documents on to the next President.
  • Carefully follows protocols set out by the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Makes sure that all amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of SGC International are captured in current SGC International Handbook.
  • Works with Executive Board and membership for effective stewardship and the long-term health and stability of the organization.
  • Serves on the Conference Planning Subcommittee.
  • Reviews the SGC International Articles of Incorporation at least once a year to make sure that actual practice is consistent with these documents.
  • Reviews the Constitution and Bylaws of SGC International at least once a year to make sure that actual practice is consistent with the documents.


VICE PRESIDENT of Internal Affairs
The Vice President of Internal Affairs may preside over any meeting of the organization in the absence of the President. Duties include but are not limited to serving as exhibitions coordinator. The Vice President of Internal Affairs is next in line to the President should the President not be able to serve for any reason.

Upon conclusion of the term, the Vice President of Internal Affairs continues to serve SGCI on the Ex-Officio Advisory Committee (see committee description).

Description of the most important tasks:

  • Coordinates SGCI Exhibitions. 
  • Works with previous VP of Internal Affairs to assume tasks.
  • Begins to organize exhibitions one year in advance.
  • Secures jurors for exhibitions as necessary.
  • Works with conference liaison to secure exhibition sites as necessary.
  • Books exhibition sites.


The Vice President of Outreach facilitates sharing information about SGCI with a greater community of artists, art institutions, and other art organizations. This includes communication with affiliate organization liaisons and may also include communication with other organizations that promote printmaking such as the International Print Center New York and the Los Angeles Printmaking Society. Current affiliate organizations that have official Liaison appointments to SGCI include:

  • College Art Association
  • Southeastern College Arts Association
  • Mid-America Print Council 
  • American Print Alliance

The Vice President of Outreach also helps with organizational funding. The VP of Outreach facilitates this through researching and applying for both the institutional and private grants level on behalf of SGCI.

The VP of Outreach will also assist when necessary with the planning and development of SGCI sponsor conferences.  This may include on-site visits and off-site communication with the conference planning committee.


The Secretary of the organization shall maintain the roll and minutes of ALL Executive Board and Membership meetings. The Secretary may preside over any meeting of the organization in the absence of the President and VP’s. Should the Secretary be unable to fulfill his/her office or resign, the President shall appoint a Secretary from the membership of the organization, subject to the approval of the Executive Board or the membership.

Description of the most important tasks:

  • Attends all SGCI Executive Board and Membership Meetings. 
  • Prepares and submit a Secretary’s Officer Report prior to each Executive Board Meeting.
  • Keeps minutes for all Executive Board meetings and Membership Meetings.
  • Supports President and Executive Board members in projects. 
  • Follows and record motions, discussions, and votes conducted over email correspondence.
  • Represents and assist the membership.
  • Electronically post minutes on website one month prior to general meeting. 
  • Saves all documents digitally and pass copies on to your successor.  


The Treasurer maintains the financial records of the organization, oversees all moneys of the organization, and receives and disburses moneys as directed by the President and the Executive Board.

Description of the most important tasks:

  • Maintains an accurate ledger of all moneys of the organization. 
  • Files an annual report by the of each year to the President and the Executive Board, who shall publish it to the membership at the annual conference, said report to account for all moneys; in any event the President shall receive the annual report in a timely manner. 
  • Files the organization’s federal tax return on or before May 15 of each year. The fiscal year of the organization shall run from July 1 to June 30.
  • Maintains the organization’s bank accounts as the President and Executive Board may direct, and shall have independent signatory power for checks and financial obligations of the organization as granted by the Bylaws. While the Treasurer holds the checkbooks of the organization, the President also shall have independent signatory power for checks. 
  • Provides for the receipt of dues of the membership. 
  • Manage SGCI funds and file accurate annual reports and taxes. 
  • Serves on the Conference Planning Subcommittee.
  • Updates contracts and leases regularly.


The International Representative shall be elected by the membership from the international membership in good standing. This Executive Board member will serve to broaden representation on the Executive Board from the international membership. Term served is two years.

General duties include but are not restricted to:

  • Attend all Conference Meetings and (if possible) Mid-Year Meetings as a voting representative of the international membership on the SGCI Executive Board.
  • Act as a liaison, an advocate, and a recruiter for our organization.
    Providing information to the membership and also bring international membership issues before the Executive Board.
  • Serve to represent a broader geographic base reflective of the international SGCI constituency on the Executive Board.
    Support the President and assist the Executive Board.
  • One month prior to each conference, the International Representative will provide the Treasurer and President the names, addresses, social security numbers, and amount due each of the panel members if SGCI has approved payment for the International Panel. The checks should be provided to the panel chair the first day of the conference along with letters of appreciation from the SGC president.
    Every year SGCI sponsors a public activity organized by the International Representative in cooperation with the conference host. This may include but is not limited to a
  • juried panel, lecture, or demonstration. The program should be consistent with the conference theme. A call for proposals must be made one year in advance at the prior conference and in the summer newsletter. Notification of the status of the proposals, including the terms of participation, must be mailed by September 1st.


The student representative is chosen from among the active student members in good standing. The Student Representative serves a 2-year term. The term begins in the even year conference and ends at the next even year conference.

The Student Representative represents all student members and is responsible for the student page in Graphic Impressions three times annually. The Student Representative provides updated information to the Web Coordinator regarding the student section of the web site; helps facilitate social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.); and proposes additional student activities beyond the annual student panel to the executive board.  The elected Student Representative works with the Conference Student Liaison identified by the conference site committee.

Description of most important tasks:

  • Write for the SGCI website to provide student updates twice annually.
  • Provide updates regarding the student section of the website to the Web Editor and Web Curator.
  • Maintains and facilitates use of social media
  • Coordinate other student-centered activities as desired.


Board Members

The Charter State Member-at-Large is a voting member of the Executive Board. The Charter State Member-at-Large is elected from the membership in good standing representing the Maryland charter. There is a fixed term for the Charter State Member-at-Large of two years. The Charter State Member-at-Large has primary responsibility to broaden the representation on the Executive Board. The Charter State Member-at-Large may also be needed to coordinate the completion of state forms to keep SGC Internationals non-profit status in good standing.


Two Members-at-Large shall be elected from the membership in good standing. They will serve to broaden the representation on the Executive Board. Term served is two years. Should a Member-at-Large be unable to fulfill his/her office or resign, the President shall appoint a replacement from the membership of the organization, subject to approval from the Executive Board or the membership.