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SGCI Board of Directors & SGCI Subcommittees

Call for Nominations

Due November 1st, 2020


Dear SGC International Members,

SGC International is seeking nominations/self-nominations to fill a number of openings and new positions on the 2020-2022 Executive Board and Subcommittees. Terms begin in the fall of 2020 and end in March of 2022.


  • Vice-President of Outreach (voting board member)
  • Affiliate Liaisons Coordinator (non-voting board member)
  • Web Editor (non-voting board member)
  • Finance Subcommittee (non-voting subcommittee, reporting to the board)
  • Bylaws Subcommittee (non-voting subcommittee, reporting to the board)

The call for nominations will only proceed on the proviso we have a pool with 40% of applicants identifying as Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, Persons of Color, Women, or Persons with a Disability.

Service on the board is an outstanding way to contribute to the organization and to make a positive impact on our printmaking community. We hope you will consider nominating yourself or your colleagues for these important leadership roles, described in further detail below.

All SGCI Members in good standing are invited to nominate/self-nominate by uploading candidate’s materials here:

submit nominations

The SGC International Nominating Committee, composed of three former board members, is charged with creating a slate of nominees that reflects the philosophic, geographic, institutional, racial, and gender diversity of our membership. A preliminary slate selected from the pool of nominations will be voted on by the board. 
Elections will then take place this fall electronically. In any election, the organization will allow nominations from the floor prior to calling for any vote, though it is strongly encouraged that those interested in serving on the board express their desire to serve through our standard nominations process.

For more information please contact Kate McQuillen or Faisal Abdu’Allah

Thank you,

Faisal Abdu’Allah
President, SGC International

Descriptions and Responsibilities

of Current Openings

The Vice President of Outreach facilitates sharing information about SGCI with a greater community of artists, art institutions, and other art organizations. The VP of Outreach will lead the organization’s initiatives toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive SGCI. This includes communication with affiliate organization liaisons and may also include communication with other organizations that promote printmaking. Current affiliate organizations that have official Liaison appointments to SGCI include:

  • College Art Association
  • Southeastern College Arts Association
  • Mid-America Print Council 
  • American Print Alliance

The Vice President of Outreach also helps with organizational funding. The VP of Outreach facilitates this through researching and applying for both the institutional and private grants level on behalf of SGCI.

The VP of Outreach will also assist when necessary with the planning and development of SGCI sponsor conferences.  This may include on-site visits and off-site communication with the conference planning committee.



The Affiliate Liaisons Coordinator maintains oversight and monitors relationships with affiliate organizations. The Affiliate Liaisons Coordinator is a non-voting member appointed by the President. The Affiliate Liaisons Coordinator may hold other positions on the SGCI board. There is no fixed term for the Affiliate Coordinator but generally a two to three-year term is advisable. The Affiliate Coordinator is a voluntary position and receives no financial compensation. The Affiliate Liaisons Coordinator has the primary responsibility for the communication with the SGCI liaisons to affiliate organizations.

Description of Primary Duties:

  • Collate the reports from each affiliate liaison for the mid-year and conference board meetings as well as make sure the Executive Board is up-to-date on any pertinent information about affiliate organizations.
  •  Keep track of SGCI memberships with affiliate organizations; be proactive about keeping up to date with SGC International’s memberships and communicate with the Treasurer when they need to be renewed.
  • Make recommendations to the SGCI president for individuals to serve as Affiliate Liaisons
  • Maintain communication with Affiliate Liaisons and make collect reports for mid-year and conference board meetings, and provide summary reports at SGCI Board meetings.
  • Explore opportunities for collaborations between the Affiliate organization and SGCI (sponsored panels, exhibition exchanges, guest articles in the newsletter, etc.)


WEB Editor

The Website Editor is a nonvoting member of the Executive Board. They are appointed at the discretion of the President with no fixed term. The Website Editor has primary responsibility for the editorial content of the Graphic Impressions section of SGCI’s website—soliciting and writing written content that may include essays, reviews, interviews, how-tos editorials, etc. The Website Editor should strive to post at least one new item on the website per month. They will work closely with the Website Curator, the President, and the Program Coordinator to develop the content for SGCI’s website, ensuring that it is active, current, challenging, and engaging for SGCI’s membership and the public. Additionally, the Website Editor will assist the Program Coordinator on some of the organization’s social media posts. The Website Editor will ensure that the Student Representative participates in the creation of two (or more) posts and/or other content annually. The Website Editor may select one or more Associate Editor(s) to assist in editorial activities. The Website Editor is a voluntary position and will receive no financial compensation.



The Finance Subcommittee is chaired by the treasurer, reports to the board, and acts as an advisory panel to the financial operation of SGCI as a non-profit organization. Subcommittee members serve as additional oversight to the board and treasurer, add perspective beyond the treasurer’s experience, and provide additional assistance to the important need of following best financial practices for a non-profit organization.

Subcommittee responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and monitoring financial reports
  • Reviewing the annual budget and recommending it to the board for approval
  • Reviewing major grants, fundraising opportunities and associated terms
  • Recommending financial policies and procedures

Time commitment:

  • Attending quarterly virtual subcommittee meetings, with the potential for more should it be deemed necessary by the Finance Subcommittee.

Please note that the Finance Subcommittee member roles are volunteer positions and as they are not officially part of the SGCI Executive Board, expenses are not covered for travel, registration, or membership.



SGCI’s Constitution and Bylaws are overdue for an update to be in line with the strategic plan and better represent the diverse printmaking community. 

SGCI’s members and our non-profit law consultant asked for revisions to our structure. Individuals affected by these rules have the right to participate in their modification; any changes to the bylaws must be voted upon by the membership. To increase diverse representation in SGCI and give members a stronger voice, Southern Graphics Council International seeks applicants for a committee to reexamine the bylaws and constitution. Printmaking is not inherently democratic; democratic qualities must be sought out and fought for.


  • An interest in organizational structure
  • A flexible schedule
  • Has never served on the board of SGCI
  • Anyone can apply but must be a member in good standing to accept a committee position 

submit Nominations

SGC International Board of Directors Support:

SGC International provides support for board members’ participation in the Mid-Year Meeting which is traditionally held in October or November of each year at the site of the upcoming conference. This support includes:

  • a stipend of up to $500 for travel,
  • hotel accommodations (SGCI’s conference hotel contracts usually include comped rooms for the Mid-Year Meeting. If this is not the case, SGCI will cover hotel expenses for board members. Board members should expect to share a room for these meetings.), and
  • at least one meal per day while attending the meeting.
  • Full travel and hotel expenses are paid for the Student Representative.

SGCI board members are responsible for paying for their SGCI Memberships and conference registrations. SGCI board members receive neither conference registration reductions nor conference registration waivers.

Institutional support of the nominees by their organizations is helpful. In extenuating circumstances some compensation may be available for officers not supported by their institutions for travel to the meetings. It is recognized that some nominees may not be affiliated with an educational institution or to an organization.

Qualifications of Nominees:

  • must be dedicated to the mission of the organization, understand the constitution and bylaws, and be able to carry out their responsibilities as SGCI Executive Board Members as outlined in these documents and in the SGCI Handbook,
  • must be SGCI members in good standing,
    must be able to attend the Annual Conferences during their terms, and make an effort to attend all Mid-Year Meetings,
  • must be able to work on SGCI’s Google Drive and attentively communicate via our Slack and SGCI Gmail accounts,
  • must have the potential to collaborate effectively,
  • must be prepared to fulfilling the duties of their positions with dedicated, consistent, focused effort, and
  • must be willing to sign the SGC International Conflict of Interest Policy.

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