The MakeReady App: Tips & Tricks

About Our App

MakeReady is SGCI’s online resource center, voting site, and social platform, and conference scheduling tool. Use it to:

  • Browse content, organized by printmaking medium
  • View articles, videos, interviews, and more, tagged by categories such as Social Distance Learning, Reading Materials, Community Shop Resources, Experimental Printmaking, and more!
  • Connect with a network of printmakers through posting, commenting, and messaging features
  • Vote on the SGCI Board of Directors and other organizational decisions
  • View the conference schedule and create a custom schedule

Visit your App store and search for “SGC International” to download!

Tips & Tricks: Conference Side

Access the Conference Schedule

At the top of the home page, you’ll see a link to the conference schedule. You can always click on the “MakeReady” button at the top of the page to return to this link.

You have two viewing options, “Calendar” or “List.”

Create a Custom Schedule

In the Conference area, you can view the schedule and even create your own daily schedule. When you want to add something to your Personal Schedule, you’ll notice that each event page has a blue button that says “Join Event.” By selecting this, you will also be given additional documentation such as a map of the location or anything provided by the event manager. The event can now be found within your Personal Schedule. If you’d like to remove an event, simply scroll to the bottom of the event page and select “Remove From Schedule.”

Locate Events

You can locate an event in two ways. First, you can search for it directly by its title within the search bar located next to the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. The other option is to browse through the schedule, which is broken up by day. You’ll notice that different events are color coded & that you can also filter events by type. All of these listings can be selected, which will take you to the event page that provides further details.

Learn More About Presenters

Want to learn more about the presenters in the events? Click on their profile image to learn more about them! Click the graphic with the plus symbol to add them as a contact.

Connect with Members

Find people you know who are attending the conference within the App. Add contacts both old and new while you are at the conference! Simply search for an individual’s name through the Search Bar at the top of your schedule. Once you find your friend, select their name and add them to your contact list.

Push Notifications

Turn on Push Notifications for schedule alerts and changes to be sent directly to you throughout the conference.We won’t spam you, but we may need to let attendees know about schedule adjustments as the conference progresses. Enabling Push Notifications will also let you know when another member has added you as a contact.

Flip Your Screen!

Having an issue seeing the schedule? Try turning your phone 90 degrees! Depending on your screen format, some users may have a better experience with their device turned into landscape mode. All of the information will remain the same, but the display area for the schedule will noticeably expand.

Tips & Tricks: Social Platform

Teaching Material

Discover teaching materials like demonstrations, reading lists, and syllabi by clicking through the icons at the top of the page; start a discussion with your colleagues on printmaking topics by creating posts; make new professional connections by sending connection requests; and share your work through your profile!


Add a little bit of information to your profile so people can learn about you.

Through the app, members can see your profile by searching for your name within the Search Bar. Fill out your Profile in the main menu: add information about your work, your research, your interests, and how to find you in the web! To do this, select the icon next to the search bar at the upper right corner of your schedule. A “Menu” list will pop up; select “My Profile” to make edits. Highlight the “About Me” field to add a description of yourself. If you don’t want members to be able to add you, you can toggle that feature here as well!


Have info about upcoming events that you want to share with other printmakers? Have a great teaching resource to share? Create posts and tag them! All of the resources compiled here will be visible for other members.