PROVIDENCE, RI | April 4-7, 2024

 This page is only for editing. If you did not submit a proposal, go to this link to view Round 2.



Please make edits to your event by following the instructions below.

  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Find your event on the calendar. NOTE: We have a lot of events listed here. It will be easier to find your event if you first sort the calendar by categories. Show> select category.
  3. Click on your event
  4. Select Admin. You will see a bunch of tabs, but the most important ones for you are  > Event Setup and > Advanced. 
    • Event Setup is where you edit your listing. We changed titles to Category | Proposal Title. If you make changes to your title, please continue with the same format. (Should we have your event in the wrong category, please reach out to
    • IMPORTANT: Leave the Start and End dates alone even though they they show a recent start date. This is critical for our Round 2 event list.
    • Make necessary edits to the body and/or image.
    • IMPORTANT: Ticketing and Registration tabs — Please do not alter anything. You will see a deleted ticket called “Vote on this Proposal.” 
    • What is the Dashboard tab? This is where you’ll eventually find a list of members that have “registered” to be part of your panel/portfolio. We used this feature for steering committee comments during the jurying process, which is why you see some voided entries here. Just disregard them. 
    • Email tab–this is where you can bulk email those that signed up to participate. However, the return email goes to SGCI, so please use your personal email account to reach out to registrants.  
    • IMPORTANT: If you are accepting wider participation in your panel, portfolio, or other event, members need a way to get in touch with you. Under Advanced tab > Event registration notification email addressess (overrides default) you need to enter the email address you wish to use as your contact email. If you have more than one contact email, you can separate them with a comma.
    • Advanced > Confirmation Email: This email is currently a default email.
      • Add any additional information that your registrant would find helpful. SAVE
      • EXAMPLE
  5. IMPORTANT: Since you or another team member will be receiving emails from interested participants and not the conference committee, you will be responsible for following up with interested parties.
  6. Last but not least, please email us at when you are finished editing your listing so we can review it prior to opening to all members (August 5 is our target).