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MakeReady Events

small_bars - Listening Party

Event Type: Pre-Recorded Content


MakeReady - Zoom Link

Sat, Apr 10 3:30 pm - 3:50 pm

For this utterly unique SGCI MakeReady event, small_bars would like to debut a project which celebrates the relationships of printmaking, DIY punk, zine culture, and small press publication. small_bars plays slab_marls is a 7” record containing 6 home recorded audio compositions paired with 200 digital and analog black/white copier images. The record was made in an edition of 20, including screenpinted sleeves and was made by contracting a lathe-cut service to individually cut each record. Each record is understandable as both matrix and print, as well as a container of references to numerous historical punk and post-punk musicians. The accompanying flyer-styled images utilize a broad set of personal references from pre-pandemic travel, modernist collage, zines, album art and poetics. The space of working across the internet, within a pandemic is slightly alien and highly mediated, this project presents layers of artifice while simultaneously celebrating media and movements which broke down barriers, resisted gatekeeping, and put the power of publication in the hands of makers.

Nicholas Satinover -