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Puertográfico Events

Salt water etching - Evolution of Print

Event Type: Special Events

Salt water etching – Body of Water. Body of Print. Beach event.

This demo and workshop will introduce participants to my latest salt water etching research. Many examples of prints and various plates will be passed around during the demonstration.
The most Non-toxic etching approach using salt water from the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean will be performed during this occurrence.

This special event is designed to educate and encourage artists to endeavor, and experiment with safer techniques in printmaking, minimizing the risk of health and environmental matters.

Issues and concerns of toxicity, chemical packaging, sustainability, global concerns will be addressed while doing the demo.

BIG will be used as Non-toxic ground. Dead seaweed, dead coral reef, sand, seashells will be used as natural texture and theme elements during this demo. Soft ground and hard ground approach will be covered, as well as etching on zinc and copper plates.

Malgorzata Oakes -