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Puertográfico Events

Disaster Relief

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

In Disaster Relief artists will come together in the form of a themed exchange portfolio to address issues of climate change and the myriad problems associated with it. From rising oceans, temperatures, and storm frequency, to food inequities, refugee crisis, and perpetual war driven by a reliance on fossil fuel; artists will look at these complex issues with an eye towards solution and political solidarity. Using the site of Puerto Rico and its peoples resiliency in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria as inspiration and a beacon of hope, artists will create prints and build a network across distance to engage in a critical discussion around this theme.

Participating artists:
Anthea Black
Maggie Denk-Leigh
Emma Difani
Kirsten Flaherty
Kate Goyette
Richard Hricko
Evie Jones
Jaime Knight
Heather Muise
Michelle Murillo
Maggie Oakes
Edie Overturf
Dan Rule
Luz Marina Ruiz
Nick Shick
Rachel Singel
Sarah Sipling
Devon Stackonis
Taro Takizawa
Lisa Turner
Dana Wisbar
Alexander Wolf
Meagan Wright
Gabriela Yoque

Jaime Knight -