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Puertográfico Events


Event Type: Themed Portfolios

ReDivEdCo invites printmakers to study the work of Puerto Rico’s División de Educación de la Comunidad (DivEdCo 1949-1989) and use this historical movement within Puerto Rican graphic arts to inspire their socially engaged printmaking practice in their local communities.

Puerto Rico’s División de Educación de la Comunidad or DivEdCo was founded in 1949 by Puerto Rico’s first freely elected Governor, Luis Munoz Marin to help develop a sense of shared identity, common values, and purpose in a fractured and impoverished Puerto Rico. Modeled on the WPA program of Roosevelt’s administration, DivEdCo reached out to a broad popular audience through film, writers workshops and especially printmaking. DivEdCo, which was active through the late 1980s acted as an incubator for many of the most important Puerto Rican printmakers of the century including Lorenzo Homar and Rafael Tufino.

At a time when identity in mainland America is deeply fractured, shared ethical languages disintegrating, and the future course of American identity is unclear, Puerto Rico’s DivEdCo can teach us how to rebuild. This portfolio asks printmakers to resurrect the communitarian content and proletarian form of DivEdCo, and apply it to social issues facing their own local communities. Participants were invited to partner with nonprofits in their home cities/towns to create an edition of hand-printed posters addressing an urgent issue of relevance to their community. Artists produced an edition large enough to accommodate the SGCI exchange, and provide their local nonprofit with posters to be disseminated throughout their local communities.

Brooke Inman
Kathleen Charnley
Carlos Enrique Figueredo
Barry O’Keefe
Oscar Melendez-Rivera
Burt Butcher

Barry O'Keefe -