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Puertográfico Events

Mapping Personal Histories / Navigating Political Tides

Event Type: Panels

This panel brings together artists who use print to map current political and cultural tides through the lens of personal and familial histories. These artists uncover and examine stories, contextualizing them within broader dialogues concerning ecology, race, gender, and/or immigration status. By drawing upon familial and historical research, they connect the personal and the political. Panelists will share their research into personal, familial, and/or cultural histories, and situate projects within larger political and cultural movements.

This panel engages the PUERTOGRÁFICO theme by creating bridges of cultural exchange between past and present, and personal and political.

Chaired by J. Leigh Garcia, this panel will tell the stories of artists working with personal experience, familial histories, and private labor to create artworks that challenge dichotomies of personal/political, private/public, and local/global. Through their research, artists uncover and affirm the often untold stories of people of color, working-class people, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community. This panel will seek to include a diverse history of artists and a diverse selection of panelists to engage this topic and create an inclusive dialogue. The panelists will share their research and weave it into their artistic projects. Contemporary artists who draw upon autobiographical material and familial histories encompass a diverse array of processes and projects, and the panelists’ research will be contextualized within a lineage of artists whose work manifests the idea that the personal is political.

Panelists Include: Noah Breuer, J. Leigh Garcia, Jaz Graf, Darice Polo and Ericka Walker

J. Leigh Garcia -