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Puertográfico Events


Event Type: Themed Portfolios

Impress ideas. Print propaganda. Stamp solidarity. In this portfolio edition of 24, each participant will adopt one of 22 Puerto Rican ports to create a printed flotilla, armed with cultural ammunition. Expression is couched in Boriken’s rich history of cultural exchange and its role in the concepts of the American melting pot and global connectivity. Consider characteristics and histories of both the port and printer in vessel creation. A boat paper template will be shared and may be used to create your vessel but modifications and vessel deviations are encouraged. Modifications may include creating a tall ship as during the age of the Conquistadors or a native hand dug vessel as the Taino or Calib (First Peoples) constructed. Boats will be displayed at Puertographico in 3D form, on a Puerto Rican map, docked at adopted port. Print size is 11” X 15” and may include more than one sheet of paper with directions for 3D construction. What cultural commodities will be shipped to our ultimate destination, Puertographico, and what will be shipped away to enrich lives in this age of global connectivity? We welcome ALL ABOARD.

Portfolio Details
Curated by: Kelly Nelson
Edition Size: 24, (22 artists, 1 SGCI edition, 1 traveling exhibition edition)
Paper Size: 11” x 15”
Prints should be sent with acid free paper placed between each print. Directions to cut and pop up your boat, a biography and artist statement should be enclosed with each print in the edition. Details for paper boat template will be communicated once artists are selected for the edition.
Participation Fee: Cost of shipping work to and from Longwood University is the responsibility of the artist. Mail edition with prepaid shipping label and reusable box.
Due Date: Editions must arrive to the below address by March 1, 2020.
Kelly Nelson, Prof. of Art
Longwood University, Art Program
201 High Street, Bedford 226
Farmville, VA 23909

1. Port of Aguadilla, Susanna Crum
2. Port of Arecibo, Kerri Cushman
3. Port of Arroyo, Jessica Spring
4. Port of Aguirre, Juniper Teffeteller
5. Roosevelt Roads Naval Station (Ceiba), Ani Volkan
6. Ensenada Honda Harbor (Ensenada Honda), Kelly Nelson and Allen Blackman
7. Port of Fajardo, Kimiko Miyoshi
8. Port of Guanica, Laurie Carnohan
9. Port of Guayanilla, Lujiang Li
10. Port of Isabela Segunda, Chelsea O’Hayer
11. Jobos Bay (Jobos), Patrick Vincent
12. Port of Las Mareas, Sydney Samele
13. Port of Mayaguez, Jessica McDonnell
14. Playa de Humacao (Playa de Humacao), Riley Winkles
15. Port of Ponce, Raluca Iancu
16. Punta Guyanes (Punta Guyanes), Sariah Park
17. Puerto de Naguabo (Playa de Naguabo), Anna Kenar
18. Puerto Maunabo (Puerto Maunabo), Summer Ventis
19. Port of San Juan, Tatiana Potts
20. Puerto Nuevo (San Juan), Heather Huston
21. Port of Tallaboa, Nicole Soley
22. Port of Yabucoa, Emily Stokes

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