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Puertográfico Events

Certum Tempus

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

This portfolio was co-curated by Stephanie Alaniz, (Emporia, Kansas, USA) and Edie Skeard, (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada). The mission of this portfolio exchange is to create a group of prints that address the history of the portrait through a contemporary lens. This exchange will critique the purpose of portraiture through deconstruction, misrepresentation, creating a portrait in unconventional ways such as through objects, different perspectives, or different parts of the body. In doing so, we hope to provide insight and commentary on the value of portraiture within our current cultural landscape — a world of definition, identity politics, racism, social media, and increasingly dichotomous systems of belief.

Certum Tempus Participants:
Stephanie Alaniz*
Muriel Condon
Zoë Couvillion
Andrew DeCaen
Sarah Ellis
Cameron Gray
Trishelle Jeffery
Taylor Johnson
Hanna Kesty
Marta Kubiak
Emily Legleitner
Nathan Pietrykowski
Mike Pennekamp
Dana Potter
Edie Skeard*
Kacey Slone
Barbara Lane Tharas
Thuong Hoai Tran
Lisa Wicka
Erin Wohletz
Jonathan Wright

Stephanie Alaniz -