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Certum Tempus

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

This portfolio will be co-curated by Stephanie Alaniz (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA) and Edie Skeard, (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) The mission of this portfolio exchange is to create a group of prints that address the history of the portrait through a contemporary lens. This exchange will critique the purpose of portraiture through deconstruction, misrepresentation, creating a portrait in unconventional ways such as through objects, different perspectives, or different parts of the body. In doing so, we hope to provide insight and commentary on the value of portraiture within our current cultural landscape — a world of definition, identity politics, racism, social media, and increasingly dichotomous systems of belief.

The edition size- 25
(with each participant receiving 20 prints) One edition will go to Stephanie Alaniz’s archives, one will go to Edie Skeard’s archives, one for SGCI’s archives and two editions for exhibiting by the curators. All participants will receive 20 prints in their portfolio.

Size- 11″ x 14″
All printmaking process’ welcome, including risograph. Editions which do not abide will result in disqualification from exchange and will be mailed back at the artist’s expense. Must be editioned X/25, no artist proofs or oversized editions. MUST INCLUDE glassine interleaving if prints have alternative materials such as gold leaf. Prints must be dry before packing.

Cost: $30 (this will cover the boxes and shipping)

-Please submit a short proposal of what you intend to create for this portfolio exchange (such as concepts and visual intentions) about a paragraph is good!

-Send 3 images of your own work


Please email all these to

Email for any questions also!

Stephanie Alaniz -