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Puertográfico Events

This event is currently available for application. If you would like to apply to participate in this event, please email the organizer.

Sumergir y Resurgir/Submerge and Reemerge

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

Submerge can signify immersing a person in liquid that totally covers them. Leaving a person, country or government in a generally negative, underwater, condition. Or completely concentrating one’s attention. Reemerging implies returning to life or being seen, after falling or going under. /Sumergir puede significa: Introducir a una persona o una cosa en un líquido de manera que quede completamente cubierta. Dejar a una persona, un país, un gobierno en una situación o estado determinados, generalmente negativos. O concentrar la atención completamente en una actividad o estados mentales. Resurgir implica: Volver a aparecer o reanimarse, una persona o estado, que estaba decaído. Particpants/Participantes: Diógenes Ballester, Marcos De Jesús Carrión, Fraixa Albizu, Maria Cristina Tavera, Xavier Tavera Castro, John Hitchcock, Miguel A. Aragón, Ricardo Levins Morales, Justin Diggle, Marwin Begaye, Luke Johnson, Myken McDowell, Joseph Velasquez, Jonathan Herrera Soto, Aaron Coleman, Humberto Saenz, Eddy A. López, Stephanie Hunder, Ruthann Godollei. Works on paper, 13 x17″ /Obras en papel, tamaño 13 x 17.”

Ruthann Godollei -