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Puertográfico Events

Extra Pulp

Event Type: Pop-Up Exhibitions

Extra Pulp is a unique portfolio exchange, set for completion in November 2019, featuring 20 artists focusing specifically on handmade paper. Extra Pulp not only underscores the impact paper has on contemporary fine art printmaking, but zeroes in on a diverse group of practicing east coast papermakers from New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Ohio, North Carolina, Mississippi and Florida. These artists are working experimentally within paper (i.e. painting with pulp, watermarks, inclusions and/or treating paper as an object) whether recreating sacred spaces through ritualistic, hand-cut patterns, or using the surface treatment of pulp as a means to investigate emotional damage and repair to the body. While traditional methods of printmaking are welcome and will be present, they are secondary to the handmade paper component, thus making pulp the primary focus for image creation.

Ingrid Schindall -