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Puertográfico Events

Resurgimiento : Over Land and Sea

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

This will be an evolutional project involving the creation of one print that manifests itself through awareness of transformation. Where there will be a finished print, all participants will be asked to reconsider their original, and with the air of change, begin to approach the work with renewed eyes and modification. How might this work become influenced by the development (ie. The artists ability to reflect, reproach, reimagine, passage of time, consideration, do-over, second chances) that are all around us. What has happened and what will become.

Using the medium of stone lithography, artists are asked to create a print edition (Part One) with paper dimensions measuring 22x 11”. Image size may be smaller within the paper dimensions, allowing for white borders – full bleed preferred. Landscape or portrait format acceptable. Strictly using the medium of stone lithography, experimental, transfer, photographic, and advancements of image generation on the stone are encouraged!

Upon ‘completion’ of the above edition, and following the theme and ethos of the portfolio, artists are asked to consider a changed state to their original intentions (layers, colors, image placement, meaning). Artists are asked to question what the passage of time has allowed them to realize, observe, regret, and/or see. Approaching the print again (Part Two), using the same or altered versions of the original positives, artists are asked to create another 22 x 11” edition.

When approaching the print again, it is encouraged to work towards the strengths of the medium. Stones can be versatile, reopened to accept new information, partially sanded down, printed in various layer orders, etc.
Artists of interest who are working with ideas and imagery central to our proposal include:
Jenny Robinson – Infrastructure
Judith Martinez Estrada – Passage of time
Ericka Walker – Political climate
Kathy Vajda – Environmental change
Ariadna Abadal – Natural Climate

Specifics and How to Apply:
Parts One and Two will be shown side-by-side, creating a single 22 x 22” work.
20 artists maximum will be accepted, and are requested to make and edition of 23.
(One set per artist, one for the SGCI collection, one for the host of SGCI 2020, and one for Alfred University’s print-study collection)
$30 fee includes delivery of completed portfolios to SGCI Puerto Rico or shipping afterwards. Portfolio packaging involves a laser cut and engraved sturdy portfolio with colophon / artists’ list.

Fee: $30
Edition: 23
Prints to Alfred, NY by: March 1, 2020

To apply:
Please email with the email subject: Resurgimiento – Application.
Include 3-5 recent images of stone lithography works (from the past two years), indicating: Title, Dimensions, Year. Please also include your SCGI username, and a short paragraph (in the email body) explaining why you are drawn to this particular themed portfolio, and a brief explanation of how you may approach the edition. Remember, you can only participate in one themed portfolio!

Organizers –
Kathy Vajda, William Contino, Myles Calvert

Contact / Questions? 
Myles Calvert

Myles Calvert -