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Event Type: Themed Portfolios

In this call we will explore the political landscape of the female anatomy. Woman’s bodies are systematically regulated under government regimes all around the world. The colonization of female bodies, results in a women’s gift of procreation being commodified and used as reproductive systems to benefit the governing state.
Thinking nationally and globally, the female body suffers both from over regulation as well as indifference. Lack of access to healthcare and safe abortions leads to staggering maternal death rates.
This call is especially poignant as Puerto Rico has its own history of colonization through female biology. In 1907 the American government began a campaign of forced sterilization in Puerto Rico and the continental U.S. territories. The practice of eugenics was implemented in Puerto Rico and over 30 states. The practice sought to control population and prevent the ‘unfit’ from adding to the populace.

Clare Samani
Carlie Salomons

Clare Samani -