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Puertográfico Events

Sea Change: Connecting printmakers, climate change, and research

Event Type: Inkubators

Location and Time:

Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino - Laguna 1

Fri, Apr 3 10:15 am - 11:15 am

Moderated by Barbara Putnam, Richard and Deborah Cornell, the session will extend the issues that inspired the installation Sea Change, focusing on the connection of island environments such as Puerto Rico to the surrounding web of influences – weather, ocean currents, and cultural movements. Discussion will focus on collective efforts that advance dialogue, cooperation, and policy to mediate the future of island communities, climate change and the island in context with larger land masses.

We will invite professors from Puerto Rico and the US, from fields such as marine science, biology, and music.

Discuss climate issues of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.
Share ideas for collaborating to amplify scientific research – to reach and be absorbed by the public.
Join interested international printmakers with invited researchers from Puerto Rican Universities and professors in other disciplines interested in communicating greater awareness of local and global climate change.

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