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Puertográfico Events

This event is currently available for application. If you would like to apply to participate in this event, please email the organizer.


Event Type: Pop-Up Exhibitions

Murmuración expands Open Studio’s 50th anniversary project, “Murmuration.” Based on Charles Eames’ House of Cards, Murmuración is part site-specific installation, part workshop, and part game.

On behalf of Open Studio, we invite printmakers to create an edition of slotted cards that will be used to build a collaborative structure at PUERTOGRAFICO. These editions will form the foundation of Murmuración. Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to contribute to the structure on the day of the exhibition by monotyping cards at a printing station. Participants can play their cards by slotting them into the structure and expanding its architecture. In return, they may draw one card from the Open Studio deck: a limited edition of cards reflecting Open Studio’s history and current membership.

After PUERTOGRAFICO, the cards will travel to Toronto to be included in Open Studio’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Through reflection on our organization’s past and collaboration with international artists in the present, Open Studio seeks to foster new connections to propel us into the future.

For more information and submission details, please contact Andrea deBruijn and Heather J. A. Thomson at

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