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Puertográfico Events

Carpeta Gráfica: Cuentos, Mitos y Leyendas de América Latina y el Caribe

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

This portfolio exchange will collect and visually register a serie of popular stories from the Americas that have been passed orally from generation to generation. Printmakers will be challenging to study, recreate, illustrate and interprete a “Cuento”, “Mito” or “Leyenda” (told tale, Myth or legend) from a particular part of the Americas evaluating the influence of current times on the interpretations of such tales.
These magical characters embodied the culture and livings folklore of different regions and for some reason or another became cursed to prevail through time by the oral sharing of storytelling. Many of these narratives are so close to the history of one or many particular countries often adapted to the context of their landscape and culture that becomes a registration of their identity
These leyendas are often based on historical moments originated as a way to find reasoning to inexplicable realities. Often, such tales are tracked to the times where radio and television were not around and the existence of electricity was also considered a mere fantasy.
Each artist is contributing to the immortality of these characters by their own personal take on a popular tale of a specific region.

Portfolio open to national and international artists.

Print Dimensions: paper size strictly 11x14in (28cm x 35.56cm) no larger or smaller.

Edition: twenty-three (23) twenty for the participants, and the rest to be send to SGCI, future exhibitions and participant institutions.

Participation fee: $50. This fee will cover, national and international shipping, exhibition materials, colophon and promotion.

To be consider for participation please send: 5 images of samples of your work, website and instagram user with a short description of your intention of participating to

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano -
Manuel Guerra -