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Typecasting At Home: Replicating Movable Type Without a Foundry

Event Type: Demos

Building a collection of type is a costly endeavor. The scarcity, rarity, and the necessity for multiple typefaces in multiple sizes has historically created an economic barrier of entry to establishing or enriching a letterpress printmaking studio.

These hardships can be overcome with the aid of modern mold making materials. In this demonstration you will learn how to construct a silicone mold from specimens of existing type and how to use this mold to then cast pieces of epoxy type.
All aspects of typecasting will be covered, from the creation of a box that will house the silicone mold to the hand dressing of each individual piece of finished type at the end. Multiple approaches to the construction of the box will be addressed, from extremely low-tech handmade cardboard cutout versions to boxes constructed using power tools or even a laser engraver. Different approaches to ensuring “type height” in the finished product will be demonstrated, such as using hand tools and gauges to using custom built jigs designed for use with power tools.

The uses range from creating missing sorts, casting entire fonts, to preserving or even resurrecting typefaces that are no longer in production.

Michael Leeder -