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Puertográfico Events


Event Type: Special Events

The plan for Remnant involves two stages. The first requires searching for and collecting physical remnants from the hurricane in advance of the conference. These items will be collected by the project organizers with the help of two student-assistants, one from each respective institution (though help from local students or residents will be most welcome). The second stage will involve setting up a simple printing system employing two plywood sheets and a rental car (the press). The character of the prints will no doubt reflect the rough shod nature of this set-up. Project organizers will “ink” the collected objects/matrixes and place them between a plywood printing pack. The car will be driven over the pack repeatedly to create impressions. The prints will simply be laid out as they are printed for conference goers and the public to view and hopefully to discuss. The project organizers will provide all necessary printing materials including inks, paper/fabric.

March 29th – April 1st – Arrive in San Juan and begin collecting printable ephemera
April 2nd or 3rd – Set up mobile printing station in approved location

Jon Swindler -