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Event Type: Themed Portfolios

Celestial |Terrestrial

Since the Age of Exploration discoverers and artists are mesmerized by the Celestial |Terrestrial. Collectively, we stared at the oceans and became watchers of the skies; we developed systems to chart, measure, and calculate the position of where we are, someplace we have been—and most importantly—aim to arrive.

Our ability to brave the unknown made us cross Oceans of Ignorance to increase our knowledge and mastery of the world. In both science and arts, we became land seekers, maritime navigators, airspace cosmonauts, and virtual wanderers.

In that era of magnificent achievement, artists, poets, scientists, competed and collaborated searching for knowledge of the Celestial |Terrestrial. In our contemporary era of hybrid achievements, our discoveries and creations are relentlessly and inevitably converging. As Discoverers and Creators, we are moved by a sense of curiosity and wonder in an eternal voyage that connects us by land, air, sea—and by virtual networks.

We invite printmakers to share prints that reflect the sense of wonder, as we all march in the same direction to understand the complexities of the sensible world we all inhabit.

Artists will create full-bleed horizontal or vertical diptychs addressing the proximities and divergencies of the Celestial |Terrestrial.

Edition size: 25 (20 participants, 1 copy for SGCI Archives, 1 copy for Organizer Archives, 1 copy will be donated to the UNF Gallery Collection, 1 copy will be donated to the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art Collection, and one copy will be donated to Texas Tech University.

Paper Size: Diptych, 20” x 20”, each print: 10” x 20”, Full Bleed. (Diptych: Horizontal or Vertical)

Media: All media will be considered including Intaglio, Relief, Screenprint, Lithography, and Letterpress. Digital prints will be accepted if used in combination with any traditional process. Work must be no thicker than 1/8”

Cost: Participants are required to contribute $35 towards the cost of portfolio enclosures and shipping. This cost does not include framing work for the exhibition.

How to apply: Send a single pdf portfolio containing: a statement conveying why your work fits into the theme; five high quality easy to see images with captions or list of works including media, date, and size; plus a CV. Please label file using this format: Last name_SGCI_Portfolio_Submission.

Due Date: Friday, February 14, 2020

Andrew Kozlowski -
Sheila Goloborotko -
Jill Parisi-Phillips -
Dimitry Tetin -