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Puertográfico Events

Washed Over – Lithographic Stone as a Vessel of Resilience and Metaphor

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

Puerto Rico’s long history of natural and imposed devastation, has shaped its geography and impressive culture of resilience. Thinking about the “Island as Vessel” that the world descended on, and methodologies of making relating to cultural or geographic histories, this land of Biorken (land of gold and great lords) suggests many connexions through metaphor to the processes, histories and function of lithography. The islands erosion through these forces finds direct correspondence to a stone continually absorbing only to be levelled and open to absorb anew. Centuries of inhabitant’s have relied on collective memory to persist and have relied on the Terrior to hold memory – to re-establish, record or recreate presence echoed in the impressions taken to and from stone in lithography.

For this themed folio and exhibition I invite works made using the flexibility and resilience of lithographic means, as primary medium. Works will address the processes as metaphor, linking ideas of Puerto Rico as a place between worlds, between continents, between the forces that have and continue to wash over and shape the island and it’s people.

Number of Participants: 18

Edition Size: 20

Paper Size: 15X20 inches
(Bleed or bordered on archival paper with glassine inter-leafing)

Portfolio Fee: $50 USD – $60 Cdn
(Will include ridged folio with folded paper insert to encase the prints + shipping – international shipping may require an additional cost)

Please forward a 250 word or less idea proposal based from the abstract and 3-5 examples of recent work or your website address as support material.

Mark Bovey -