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Puertográfico Events


Event Type: Themed Portfolios

The motivation of this exchange fits well with the themes of the 2020 conference, and it will help illuminate the paramount role that cross cultural exchange plays in our contemporary world. 26 participants from KSU, OSU and OU will allow for a diverse and varied portfolio surrounding the social and political issues that each individual hopes to express dissent towards. While Ohio is not an island geography, it’s uncertain placement between eastern, midwest and appalachian territories of the United States, creates a comparable cultural amalgam. The conjoined expression of dissent towards individual concerns from many Ohio artists will illuminate the diverse regional, national and international issues surrounding this region and beyond. Considering the themes of SGCI 2020, and the parallels of this particular portfolio exchange, it will effectively contribute to the conference dialogue. Prints in the portfolio will be sized at 11×14 inches, and media is open to all print techniques.

Connor Furr -