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Puertográfico Events

This event is currently available for application. If you would like to apply to participate in this event, please email the organizer.

“El barco tiene puerto, el puerto tiene barco” (The Boat Has A Port, The Port Has A Boat)

Event Type: Panels

This panel looks for proposals that highlight the long tradition of prints in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the Caribbean. It is not looking for individual artists presenting a talk about their own practice but for artists, printmakers, art historians, curators and/or cultural managers addressing Latin America creative responses to the complexities of their political and social surroundings including fine and popular prints, artistic posters, portfolios, artists’ books and experimental multiples. Some topics, but not exclusively, may be the San Juan Print Biennial and the Poligrafica Print Triennial as a node for Latin America printmaking and print media practices, the state of contemporary Latin American printmaking and its influence in a global scale, Latin America printmaking and its relationship with social and political movements, prints addressing the body, etc. Through these papers we expect unfold histories, struggles, actions, techniques and events relevant to the conference main subject.

a)Individuals interested in speaking in this panel contact directly the Panel Chair (Alicia Candiani) during the Tier 2 Call for Participation
b) Panels typically consist of four people:
• The Panel Chair, who will introduce each speaker, contextualize their presentations, and lead any Q&A sessions at the end of the panel discussion
• Panelists, who share their own expertise and experience on the topic
c) Three papers (related with the panel theme) will be selected for participation with about 20’ each.
d) Set-up for a Panel discussion is theater-style; the panelists are seated at a table in the front of a room or onstage with microphones, and usually a projector or A/V screen set up next to/behind them. Conference-goers sit facing the panelists.
e) Panelists presentations will be in English.

By August 30th 2019, email the following to ALICIA CANDIANI at

CURRENT STATUS (professional artist, student, graduate student, curator, etc)
SGCI Username (needed for listing panel’s participants on SGC website)
PAPER PROPOSAL (abstract with not more than 500 words in PDF format describing how your paper fits the panel general theme)
5 IMAGES or LINKS to VIDEOS (Artists/exhibitions/tendencies/movements that are related with the paper’s theme and that you will address during your speech)
-Description of your images (or video) (pdf or in body of email) (include title, year, dimensions if applicable, media, and optional short description if applicable)

“The boat has a port…” refers to the SGC International as the graphic boat that departs for the first time from mainland USA and arrives at the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The SGCI brings as a freight its history of promotion and development of printmaking in the USA. At the same time, and metaphorically, it is found that “… the port has a boat” thinking the island as a boat that will host the conference. Since printed images began circulating in the territories that would become Spain’s American colonies from the moment of first contact in 1519 until today, when they have a strong position in contemporary Latin American artistic practices, this panel looks to enrich the conference with the multiples voices of Latin American printmaking. In this context, we will address printmaking as a vital creative force throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region and in Puerto Rico’s strategic position as a dynamic contact zone between North and South America.

Alicia Candiani -