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Puertográfico Events

Paper Boats

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

“Paper Boats” is a 3D installation of prints that interpret the theme of water.
Water has long been an exciting subject for printmakers to interpret and there are many thematic designs that contemporary artists have incorporated into their work. The fragility of the paper boats is significant as well in context to the island identity, one noted for resourcefulness and for respect of the water that defines its edges and boundaries.
PAPER BOATS Themed Portfolio Artists:

Elizabeth Blasingame
Mary Sherwood Brock*
Lise Drost
Aunna Escobedo
Beth Fein
April Flanders
Sherry Jankiewicz
Gesine Janzen
Irena Keckes
Catherine Kernan*
Carolyn Liesy
Hilary Lorenz
Stephanie Mercado
Martyna Matusiak
Florence McEwin
Kerry McAleer-Keeler
Mono Grafico Colectivo*
Bill Pangburn
Jennifer Anderson Printz
Mumu Wang
Cathy Weiss
*partner artists

mary sherwood brock -