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Puertográfico Events

Paper Boats

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

“Paper Boats” is a 3D print installation created from 15″ x 22″ prints created by 20 artists selected to create prints (either relief, planographic, screen or intaglio) that interpret water. Water has long been an exciting subject for printmakers to interpret and there are many thematic designs that contemporary artists have incorporated in their work. The fragility of the paper boats is significant for the island identity, noted for resourcefulness and for respect of the water that defines its edges and boundaries.
The 20 artists selected will come from a range of printmaking techniques and styles for this Call. A set of unfolded prints will be given to the SGCI Archive and each artist will receive a portfolio set of unfolded prints. One portfolio set will be for LA Printmaking Society Archive for future traveling exhibition opportunities and one will be gifted to the as un-named venue in San Juan. Folding the prints for the SGCI 2020 exhibition will include a Pop-up Demo as well.
The paper boats will be folded using a simple Origami method. See a video demo here! Water is the conceptual theme for these prints. Once folded, the prints will “float” in an installation that combines the interpretations of both Water and Boat.
Each Paper boat print is a bleed print on 15″ x 22″ paper -printed on both sides.
Artists are encouraged to create 2-sided prints that when folded will be visually interesting. Selected artists will create a 24 print edition to participate in this Call. Editions may be variable editions and may use the same plates or screens on both sides of the paper as long as the folding process is part of the consideration, so a color or pattern changes.
Paper should be quality printmaking paper that is easy to fold with a bonefolder.
Each participating artist will receive a complete unfolded edition of the Paper Boat Portfolio. Four sets will be distributed; one to the SGCI archive, one to the TBA San Juan venue, and two sets for LA Printmaking to use in future traveling exhibitions opportunities.
Cost to participate after Acceptance: $35.00 which includes return shipping and a specially created origami portfolio folder.
(*students and/or artists in need may apply for a suspended fee.)
Artists wishing to apply to this Call, please submit an idea or concept for your print in writing with samples of your work and include the proposed printmaking technique or media for your matrix in an email. If accepted you’ll need to include your SGCI membership username. Application for acceptance deadline is September 29th, 2019
Accepted artists* 24 portfolio prints will be due March 20th, 2020.
Check out some water imagery inspiration here!
Send your application to:
Mary Sherwood Brock

mary sherwood brock -