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Puertográfico Events

Minority Reports 2: Cultural Diversity

Event Type: Inkubators

While last year’s Minority Reports discussion topics revolved around the issues of identity politics and accessibility, this year’s focus will be given to understanding the cultural diversity and celebration. The audience will learn and participate the history of the conference site, Puerto Rico and its cultural heritage along with celebrating art and printmaking in the island.

One or two Featured presenters in addition to co-organizers will introduce their stories. Stories may cover:

Puerto Rico-born artist, Imna Arroyo’s IROKO project is a collaboration between the artists, scholars and members of the community and many organizations in the New London, Connecticut Community, using the Iroko tree as a metaphor to describe the sustaining power of nature. Taller Malaquita is a shared studio space for women artists of San Juan. Their interdisciplinary practices provide a great platform for art production, solidarity, exchange and collaboration.

Our INkubator session will not only cover these artists’ success stories, but also how they can sustain the practice, and suggest how printmakers from the mainland can support them through various resources.

Sangmi Yoo -
Sabrina Pastard -