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Puertográfico Events

Screen Printing and Dyeing with Natural Pigments

Event Type: Special Events

Over a couple of hours, guests will screen print and dye their own bandana using natural materials. Using an alum mordant, the bandanas are treated before the event ready to use the day of. Also prepared beforehand is an iron solution mixed with sodium alginate, a substance that is extracted from brown seaweed. Visitors will screen print a Puertográfico and environmentally friendly inspired image using the iron paste onto the bandana. The bandana is then dyed using various local plants, creating a natural complimentary colored image/background on the bandana. These are takeaways for the guests. The intention is not only to bring light to our current environmental state by influencing the public to think locally, sustainably, and consciously but also equip them with new techniques to bring home.

Schuyler DeMarinis -