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Puertográfico Events

Print Projects as a Vehicle for Cultural Exchange

Event Type: Panels

Canada has a rich and multi-faceted history of fine art printmaking. NSCAD’s internationally renowned Professional Lithography Workshop (1969-1976) is at the forefront of this history. Its influence in establishing a practice of collaborative printmaking throughout North America re-defined the art potential of print in the 20th century. In April 2017, NSCAD University’s Anna Leonowens Gallery, in co-operation with Tamarind-certified Master Printer Jill Graham, was awarded a prestigious New Chapter Grant from the Canada Council of the Arts to re-establish and extend the legacy of the NSCAD Lithography workshop.

The current grant project, titled NSCAD Lithography workshop: Contemporary Editions (LW:CE), seeks to build upon the enduring legacy of the original Lithography Workshop by inviting 8 high-profile, diverse, contemporary Canadian artists to collaborate in the production of a folio of limited-edition, hand-printed lithographs. This project also recognizes the historic relationship between NSCAD and Kinngait Studios, in Cape Dorset Nunavut, thus contributing to the emerging critical discourse surrounding decolonizing practices within the arts. It formalizes community collaboration and shared creative space between new artists and printers in both Cape Dorset and Nova Scotia, suggesting the kind of cross-cultural exchange that arctic communities and institutions already thrive on, and that are imperative for the rest of Canada to begin engaging with. Connecting these artists and studios represents an important new chapter in Canadian art history, one based on the premise of sharing artistic and technical knowledge, facilitating new experimentation and co-operative construction: all goals historically held by both arctic indigenous cultures in Canada and print culture the world over.

Although an authentically Canadian project, the LW:CE folio of prints will ultimately serve to document a rich exchange over a great distance and between very diverse cultural groups, that do not necessary employ printmaking as a their own means of artistic expression. The aim of this panel will be to highlight print projects that foster similar cultural exchanges, in line with PUERTOGRÁFICO’s mission statement.


Steven Daiber, USA
Tim Pauszek, AU
Robert Truzkowski, CA

Jill Graham -