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Puertográfico Events

We all come from Somewhere

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

Migration, Immigration, and Emigration are all terms that are tossed around in U.S. politics to address displacement of marginalized groups of people. These methods of travel often force communities to flee their homes for a chance at a better life.

This exchange provides an opportunity to foster a dialogue and cultural exchange with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of narratives. These narratives can range from migration, history, and movements through landscapes. Afterall, with each successive migration creates the space for the next generation and these movements can create a new history. This portfolio exchange will be organized by Juana Estrada Hernandez, MFA-Printmaking at the University of New Mexico and co-organized by Calliandra Hermanson, MFA- Printmaking at University of New Mexico.

The participating artists are:

Calliandra Hermanson
Juana Estrada Hernandez
Ben Iluzada
Robbie Sugg
M. Robyn Wall
Adam Noah Berman
Jessica Gross
Ben Schoenburg
Emmeline Solomon
Trevor Mock
Crystal Hammerschmidt
Gisela M Ramirez
Hannah Plotkin

Juana Estrada -
Calliandra Hermanson -