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Puertográfico Events

Gaia's Revenge/Gaia's Return

Event Type: Pop-Up Exhibitions

“Gaia’s Revenge/Gaia’s Return” is a series of photolithographs ranging from sizes between 30” x 60″. I travel to photograph meaningful and relevant sites for my audience to experience the concept of the Anthropocene, the oncoming, and possible current era our planet is in. These images are then collaged together and turned into four color photolithographs. With the guidance of Mullowney Printing, the work is printed on numerous sheets of wet mounted gampi and kozo papers with steel plates wheat pasted into the paper, unseen to the viewer. Install requires the unframed prints to be unrolled and mounted to the wall with taped magnets. No damage is done to the prints or the wall. References to this installation process can be seen in Sandow Birk and Elise Pignolet’s “American Procession” and Greg Niemeyer’s “Network Paradox.” The install and deinstall are both efficient to show large scale thought provoking photolithographs.

Schuyler DeMarinis -