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Puertográfico Events

Traveling Gallery: Postcards from Poland

Event Type: Pop-Up Exhibitions

The “Traveling Gallery” is an ephemeral project, an idea of nomadic art in constant motion, in a journey. It is an artistic project based on the presentation of works closed in a suitcase available in different places and times, always breaking down the barriers of access to art. This idea is an attempt to experience art on the road, outside the official institutions of culture and art. Art is not only what is in the suitcase described above, but also what is happening to itself. This suitcase is in some way a performative object. The “Traveling Gallery” is my activity, which has a direct connection with the style of life, my constant travels. It also results from the need to complement my journeys with art and share it with other people. During “Puertografico 2020”, “Travelling Gallery” will show the works of various Polish graphic artists. “Postcards from Poland” will become not only an attempt to present impressive figures from Poland. It will be a story about the place where they live and work, about the past, complicated and difficult present and the future they see, form of a personal message to viewers from another part of the world.

Maciej Zdanowicz -