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Puertográfico Events

3D Printing Intaglio Matrices

Event Type: Demos

I will demonstrate my process and discuss the many conclusions I have been made which are very important for the development of graphic techniques and other sciences in the field of art. The annexation of this new technology to traditional techniques provides many opportunities for artists from new ways to create artworks to facilitating the work of art restorers to enabling people who are ill and unable to work in a traditional chemical laboratory to work freely.This new graphics process will also find uses in other fields of art: film, animation, sculpture, drawing frotage.Individuals participating in this demonstration will learn the basics of creating 3D printed intaglio plates and printing these matrices. Attendees will receive handouts to help them adapt this process to their studios. I will also show the video playing at background of demo presented the process of making matrices, from step of drawing project, by edit it in 3D program, printing in 3D printer and printing a graphic.

Ewelina Kolakowska -