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Puertográfico Events

The Workshop and the Community - Responsible Printing

Event Type: Inkubators

Location and Time:

Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino - San Gerónimo

Fri, Apr 3 10:15 am - 11:15 am

Questions to be considered during this Inkubator session might include the following:

—How does a workshop contribute to the community?
—How does giving valuable time to the community in turn help sustain the workshop?
—What does a workshop have to offer a local community?
—How can the services that make you money be adapted for use with the community?
—How does working with the local community help to create a stronger customer base for the workshop’s services?
—What have participants done that they have found successful or unsuccessful in their attempts to integrate with their local communities?
—What responsibilities, if any, do we have as printmakers to educate artists and audiences?

Tamarind has long been educating its students in best practices, not only in technique, but also in the art of maintaining a successful prtinshop. The current market seems to lend itself to smaller, more sustainable workshops that hold a smaller customer base with more potential for local or regional change. This Inkubator session will also present numerous examples from our graduates over the years that have found success working with their communities, including the Artist’s Press in South Africa, Keystone Editions in Berlin, Hole Editions in the UK, Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minnesota, and Hong Kong Open Printshop in Hong Kong.

Brandon Gunn -