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Puertográfico Events

¿Cómo se dice like how do you say?

Event Type: Themed Portfolios

“¿Como se dice like how do you say?” explores the humor of Spanglish. The strange sayings and –isms and words best left untranslated. The contrasts of cultures and the strange nostalgias…longings for sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of “home,” wherever, whoever, or whatever that might be. This portfolio will speak to the dualisms and in-betweens of being of the Latin American diaspora and its many multilingual identities.

Any print technique is welcome. Maximum size: 9 x 12”, flat or folded. Glassine interleaving must be provided by the artist. A $35 fee covers portfolio box, return shipping (national/international), and colophon. The edition size will be 23 prints, including 20 participant portfolios and 3 portfolios to be saved for SGCI and host institutions/future exhibitions.


Please email Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong ( by August 30 with your:

1. SGCI username
2. CV (.pdf)
3. link to portfolio OR 4-5 images of recent/relevant work (.jpg, 2000px on the longest side max.)
4. A short description of what you plan to make for the portfolio, including explanations of any elements/text/ideas that might need context (also, I am just curious!)
5. A short bio or artist statement (appx. 100-200 words)

Thank you!

Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong -