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Puertográfico Events

De Aquí y de Alla

Event Type: Panels

This panel will present on marginalized visual and musical intersecting histories (reggaeton, cumbia, etc); and then move into examinations of current work based on the ideas of constructing identities, centering artists of the Latin American diaspora (however also open to other examples of culture/genre exchange). Finally, the panel will move into a roundtable discussion on two points: how these recent histories have made themselves evident through print and visual culture; and then how we might relate to these histories to create new genres, new ideas, and new identities.

This panel will place emphases on 1) the relationships and dynamics of cultural exchange happening within the Latin American diaspora, 2) the historical and current relationships between print mediums, aesthetics, and music culture development; and 3) the future of printmaking and democracy or agency in visual taste-making.

Please email Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong ( by August 30 with your:
1.SGCI username statement
3.CV (.pdf)
4.Description of your status as a student (grad/undergrad), professor/instructor, professional artist, writer, etc.
5.An abstract of your current/recent project relating to the theme of the panel (max 500 words)
6.Up to 4 corresponding images or links (images: .jpg, 2000px on the longest side max)
7.An image/link list with titles and short descriptions (.pdf)

Thank you!

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