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Puertográfico Events

3 in 1 Uses for Photo-Litho Plates

Event Type: Demos

From commercial reproduction applications to hand-drawn graphics and original fine art, photographic printing plates have been an integral part of printmaking for over 100 years. For artists, these possibilities open wide vistas of image possibilities, either as stand-alone imagery or in combination with hand-drawn elements. Treating Photo-Litho plates as a hybrid between traditional aluminum plates and polyester plates, we will introduce methods for the artist to a) draw directly onto the plate after printing the photo image and b) hand-grain the plate for use with traditional materials. These methods are based on research done in Vietnam and for a workshop at Artists Proof Studio in Johannesburg, South Africa where access to stones and grained aluminum plates is limited and budgets even more so. We will cover a basic summary of Photo-Litho, but will focus on stripping and re-working the plates after use for hand-drawn applications (Polyester plate methods) and how to hand-grain plates for traditional lithographic drawing materials.

Stacy Friedman -
Carolyn Muskat -