Southern Graphics Council International

Connecting artists of original prints, drawings, books, and handmade paper.
Image credit: Adriana Barrios, Deciphering A Disaster, Screenprint, 2024

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Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) aims to encourage public interest in printmaking, drawing, and other graphic arts. We share professional information among artists and related individuals, organize and circulate exhibitions of prints and drawings in educational and arts-focused institutions, and recognize outstanding contributions to these arts through awards. Additionally, we engage and support artists and communities from diverse backgrounds in our activities, and keep members and the public informed about relevant activities and information through publications. Our goal is to foster study, research, enjoyment, and the advancement of printmaking, drawing, and graphic arts. SGCI is the largest print organization in North America and artists from all 50 states and international attendees from Canada, South and Central America, and Europe attend the conference. 

“SGCI Conferences remain, by my estimation, the most incredible way to meet passionate and dedicated people in our field of printmaking.”

-Miranda Metcalf: Director, Curator, and Found of Hello, Print Friend