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Letter to the Membership from Dr. Faisal Abdu'Allah

President, SGC International

Dear SGCI Members,

On behalf of the Executive Committee, it is my great pleasure to serve as the next President of SGCI. I would like to thank the past President Sarah Ellis who navigated our board through the tide of uncertainty and remained committed to the concerns of our members. I would also like to extend gratitude to Stephanie Alaniz, Sage Perrott, and Charles Beneke who have resigned from their roles.

We are amid two pandemics, the indiscernible (COVID 19) and the ever-present implicit bias called racism – both affecting the bodies of black and brown people disproportionately. The SGCI board’s attempt to initiate meaningful change for our members and printmaking community fell far short of the restorative change needed to pull society towards a deeper reckoning with race and provide achievable goals. But the board is committed to the work of questioning and dismantling the systems that have been in place within SGCI and that space it inhabits in the printmaking community. 

Our 2020 Strategic Plan on Space: Inclusivity & Intersectionality in Action in the SGCI Handbook states:   

Space is generated by the fundamental principle of mandating a culturally responsive framework that creates space for all through the cultural kaleidoscope created by welcoming intersectionality and inclusive perspectives. Space is where alterity, diverse ways of seeing, and freedom of expression provide an appropriate testbed to educate and influence artists, students, and professionals beyond the boundaries of the organization. To realize the profound potential of Space, SGCI must insure that inclusivity and intersectionality are reflected in:

  • The Executive Board composition,
  • Leadership (board) programming, and 
  • Membership participation and engagement. 

SGCI is committed to making an honest appraisal of its history to dismantle the hostile environment experienced by some of  its members. The key to reconciliation is listening to each other as power concedes nothing without motive or demand. 

The board has reviewed the open letters and online discussions from the members and acknowledge this is the time and season for change. We would implore our patrons to exercise patience whilst we commence our evaluation. To address this, we have created, an email address that will be received by multiple board members and revisited at board meetings. Currently, this email address is being checked by myself, Arron Foster, and Nicole Geary. Please reach out to us at this email, or for an anonymous form, please visit our Contact Us page. 

As an artist and scholar, I have been unequivocal in my duties and responsibilities, and as President I ask you to judge me and the board by our actions. We remain committed to you, the organization and making the arts accessible to all. 

The Founding Member Boyd Saunders felt printmaking never held a position of special prominence as a serious art form in the American South. The board is listening to our members to write in unison the next chapter of SGCI to insure it remains the space where alterity, diverse ways of seeing, and freedom of expression provide an appropriate proving ground to educate and influence artists beyond the organization.


Dr. Faisal Abdu’Allah
President, SGC International

Call for Participation Now Open!

SGCI 2021 Providence: Verified by Proof

“Verified by Proof ” is taken from the broadside This is a Printing Office, written by Beatrice Warde in 1932. In a high-speed digital age, the phrase gains importance and embraces the meticulous nature of the hand-pulled print. The Verified by Proof steering committee seeks proposals that engage the message of This is a Printing Office—establishing truth, validation through proof/proofing, and the power of the press—and invites you all to celebrate print and its important role in countering the turbulent culture that we all currently face.

Providence is a city that has historically been a refuge for dissidents and a stronghold in the battle for individual freedoms. It is a city where print is celebrated in all its forms, from conceptual art to communication design. Printmaking often intersects with other media in Providence’s rich artistic community, which is host to a variety of creative spaces ranging from traditional academic settings to community shops and maker/DIY spaces. We encourage proposals that embrace this cross pollination and celebrate the broad scope of printmaking, graphic media, and independent publishing.

2021 Call for participation

Black Lives Matter.

SGCI stands with those who are demanding an end to systemic, institutionalized racism in the United States. Looking inward as an organization, there is an imperative need to reevaluate and expand our efforts to provide our membership with a space that is wholly inclusive.

We believe in taking immediate action to facilitate education and understanding of what it means to be anti-racist.

The SGCI Executive Board is currently assembling a collaborative list of educational resources focusing on the art and lives of Black and Indigenous Printmakers of Color. This list will be available to all of our members to learn from and use.

This will include (but is not limited to):
–Articles, Journals, and Scholarly Publications
–Editorials, Catalogs, and Exhibition Materials
–Interviews (Written and Recorded)
–Biographical and Autobiographical Materials
–Video Resources

We will invite the membership in the coming weeks to contribute to this living document. Our goal is to celebrate these artists as we uplift underrepresented voices and perspectives in a format that is accessible to all. These resources should be present in learning environments.

For our members who are allies and wondering what can be done in this very moment, we would like to reference action items that we have seen from generous Black voices on social media:

  1. Register to vote.
  2. Educate yourself. Do not burden people of color to do this work for you.
  3. Donate if you are able.
  4. Identify your privilege. Don’t center this narrative around yourself.
  5. Check in with your Black friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues.
  6. Stop supporting organizations that promote hate.
  7. Be an ally and advocate for the rest of your life.

This is simply a start, though, and there is much more work to be done. We are so proud of the printmaking community we all share and it is our privilege to stand in solidarity with our members. As we continue to educate ourselves and develop new initiatives, our minds and hearts are always open to how we can improve. SGCI will continue to share resources for how our membership can contribute to equality for all.
Stay tuned for more information on how to add to our collaborative list. Please feel free to contact us at

Black lives matter every single day.

SGC International 2020 - 22 Executive Board Election

VOTING OPEN until Friday, April 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST!

Members, cast your vote here!

Announcing: MakeReady

SGCI's Social Platform

Our shops may be closed and we were not able to gather for the annual SGCI conference, BUT the energy of camaraderie, friendship, and love found in our printmaking community never stops traveling. The strength of the print world is boundless and our bonds are resolute. Through the distance that we are all living and feeling, SGCI is determined to help keep us together. In this spirit, we are pleased to announce MakeReady, the social platform addition to our Conference App.

MakeReady will allow our members to share resources, ideas, projects, observations, and inquiries to broaden our discourse. Like a makeready process of preparing a work for printing, this community space provides the opportunity to observe potentials, expand understandings, define contexts, and explore the resonance of printmaking history, theory, and practice.

To get started: on your phone, go to the App Store and search for SGC International. Download the app, and log in with the username and password linked to your SGCI account! A desktop version will be coming soon.

Members Traveling Exhibition

2019 - 20

Heather Parrish, Transverse Atopia
Screenprint, 2017, 22″ x 30″,

view the 2019-20 Members traveling exhibition 

Meet SGCI’s New Web Editor & Web Curator


Louise Fisher, our Web Editor is, an Iowa-based printmaker and a 2019 graduate of Arizona State University. She was the 2018 recipient of the SGC International Graduate Fellowship Award. Louise states about her process and artwork that she is “an interdisciplinary artist working in the expanded field of print; using methods of layering, impressing and repetition for it’s literal and visual enactment of time and the body. By integrating constructed and celestial time, geometric and organic forms, and digital and hand-drawn printmaking processes, I point to the complexities of our current experience with nature. Through an investigative visual language, I aim to rekindle an appreciation for natural light and ask viewers to consider how their rhythms are impacted by this new incessant LED world.” To get to know Louise a little better, you can read her complete bio and artist’s statement on her website and check out her interview from VoyagePhoenix.

Blake Sanders, our Web Curator, is a printmaking and foundations Instructor at Southeast Missouri State University. He has been an active member of SGCI since 2005 and has participated conference portfolios, exhibitions—both sanctioned and peripheral—and chaired two panels. His work looks “beyond anthropocentrism, emphasizing humans as a part of a global community—residents, not lords of the manor—who should be good neighbors to each other and all of nature.” In works that range from diverse print media to collaborative installation he strives to “provoke compassion within the culture” by intently observing himself and his family “to mine for the universal within the personal.” One of Blake’s most recent projects, Encountering Our Indelible Mark, is an exhibition that was installed in Santander, Spain at IMPACT10: Encuentro and an accompanying extensive web catalog. In an essay originally intended to be published in Graphic Impressions, Adriane Herman has reviewed this project. We are publishing Disrupting Our Disruption: Recycling Our Indelible Mark to mine a “wee bit of hope”  here so that you can get to know Blake and his curatorial work.

Look out for further announcements about the development of the written and visual content that Louise and Blake will be leading for our website. The submission process will be launching soon.


Exhibition Review

Disrupting Our Disruption:
Recycling Our Indelible Mark
to mine a “a wee bit of hope”

Adriane Herman

SGC International on Instagram

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