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SGC International

Connecting artists of original prints, drawings, books, and handmade paper.

Image credit: Lu Colby, SGCI Undergraduate Fellow 2021. Immaculate Fatigue. Relief on paper, 28″ x 20″ x 8,” 2020,

“SGCI conferences remain, by my estimation, the most incredible way to meet passionate and dedicated people in our field of printmaking.”

–Miranda Metcalf: Director, Curator, and Founder of pine | copper | lime Podcast

New! Tiered Memberships

New! Tiered Memberships

Image credit: Valerie Lueth, EVE (detail), 2017, color woodcut print, 16.5″ x 12.5″,


Become Part of our Community!


Friend--Tier 1: Online--$5/year for All

Collaborator--Tier Two: Virtual Events--$35/year, $15/year with Student ID

Advocate--Tier Three: Conference Attendee--$75/year, $35/year with Student ID

ConferencesPrinting Demo

SGCI is the largest print organization in North America. Our annual conference is the biggest gathering focused on the field of printmaking. Artists from all 50 states and international attendees from Canada, South and Central America, and Europe regularly attend the conference.

Online Resources

MakeReady is SGCI’s social platform, App, voting site, and member file repository. MakeReady allows our members to share resources, ideas, projects, observations, and inquiries to broaden our discourse.

To get started: on your phone, go to where you download your apps, and search for SGC International.

Career Development
Adults mentoring at tables

Our vibrant network of 2,500+ artists, educators, and arts professionals is a resource for ideas, inspiration, and innovation. Through our programs, members can learn about career opportunities, apply for SGCI grants, be part of our mentoring program, and more!

An SGCI Membership gives access to inspiring dialogue about the making of original prints, drawings, books, and handmade paper. Through our resources, SGCI supports the inquiry, learning, and study of print education from a global perspective.

Submit your Proposal!

Submit your Proposal!

MakeReady, A Virtual SGCI Event

Call for Participation: Apply by February 15th

Lead a panel
Hold a demonstration
Submit pre-recorded content

We invite you to submit your proposals relating to our 2021 theme, MakeReady! The Virtual Event will happen via Zoom; Panels and demos will happen live, and pre-recorded content will also be featured throughout the conference. We welcome spoken word,  performance art, and musical performances in addition to printmaking demonstrations, discussions, and more. Help us create a new format for sharing, connecting, and collaborating!

Please note: Due to the unique circumstances of 2020, we have a few changes to our Call for Participation structure:

• Thanks in part to the generosity of our donors, SGCI will be providing modest honorariums for each presenter.
• There will not be a Round 2 Call for Participation; panelists will compile their own panel

Find out more about how panels and demos are structured on our Conference FAQ page.

View our Members Traveling Exhibition 2019-2020

Heather Parrish, Transverse Atopia
Screenprint, 2017, 22″ x 30″,

view the 2019-20 Members traveling exhibition 

Upcoming Conferences

Dear Members,

Recent months have brought much uncertainty about SGCI’s lineup of conferences. While we are disappointed to announce that we must postpone the Providence conference until a safer time, we are pleased to announce the following lineup:

2021: MakeReady, A Virtual Event

2022: University of Wisconsin-Madison

2023: Puertografico, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2024: Providence, Rhode Island

We look forward to engaging with you virtually in the coming months.

Thank you,
SGC International


Exhibition Review

Disrupting Our Disruption:
Recycling Our Indelible Mark
to mine a “a wee bit of hope”

Adriane Herman

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So many great submissions this year for our virtual event! Cast your vote for what programming you want to see at MakeReady before midnight on Monday: 🗳 Link in Bio 🔗

On our ballot page, click on the arrows to read more about each event, and choose 2-4 per category.

Thank you to our members for all their fantastic submissions, and thank you for being part of our democratic process!

⭐️🗳Members: Vote on conference programming! Link in bio! 🗳 ⭐️ Have you ever wished that you could choose what events happen at the SGCI conferences? That day is here! SGCI is pleased to announce it’s first-ever popular voting on conference programming. Voting is open to any SGCI member with a Tier 2+ membership level.

Voting is accessible through MakeReady, our new online resource center, voting site, and social platform. Log in today to cast your vote. Link in bio!

Thank you to all our members who put forth their ideas. We're excited for our first Virtual Event, and we can't wait to see you all there. Cast your vote today and be part of our democratic process!

Process shot of Derek Fordjour’s The Drum Major (2017) #worksonpaper #DerekFordjour ...

@trenton_doyle_hancock spotted in the field 👀 @massartboston #trentondoylehancock ...

SGCI will be providing modest honorariums for each presenter at our Virtual Event:
$150 for demos
$150 per panelist ($600 total maximum for 3 panelists + 1 moderator)
$50 for pre-recorded materials.

Lead a panel
Hold a demonstration
Music, spoken word, and performances
Submit pre-recorded content!

Apply today: link in bio!

25% Discount on Prints and Their Makers, a new book from Princeton Architectural Press, for SGCI Members! Valid through 01/14/21. Thanks to our friends at Princeton Architectural Press, SGCI is pleased to offer a 25% discount to SGCI members on the new publication Prints and Their Makers.

Download our new app to your phone to access the discount code! Search your app store for "SGC International" and check out SGCI's most recent post for the discount code and link to purchase!

Call for Participation for MakeReady, a Virtual SGCI Event ⭐️ Apply by February 15th to:
⭐️Lead a panel
Hold a demonstration
Submit pre-recorded content ⭐️
Link in bio to application forms!

We invite you to submit your proposals relating to our 2021 theme, MakeReady! The Virtual Event will happen via Zoom; Panels and demos will happen live, and pre-recorded content will also be featured throughout the conference. We welcome spoken word, performance art, and musical performances in addition to printmaking demonstrations, discussions, and more! Help us create a new format for sharing, connecting, and collaborating!

Necessity drives the evolution of new technology; the current pandemic forced us to rapidly embrace virtual engagement on a large scale. The need for social distancing has impacted every facet of our lives and challenges the notion of printmaking as a cooperative process.

SGCI released MakeReady as a social platform for its membership—allowing members to share ideas, resources and collaborate on projects and create an online community that exists to produce accessible information for current and future printmakers exceeding even international limitations and drive the content for the organization. Programming developed for this conference will be hosted by SGCI long term and made accessible for members as we rethink SGCI’s digital capabilities.

Join us in launching SGCI’s online programming and celebrate the internal changes within the organization made to better serve the membership.

The MakeReady App was created by Kate McQuillen and Bryce Meyer.

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