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Mark Raymer from À la Poupée & the Chine-Collés

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We have opened up Panels and Themed Portfolios for Round 2 should our members wish to participate at this level. You must be an active Collaborator Member or above to access the events. Here’s the link! Have fun perusing!

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An SGCI Membership gives access to inspiring dialogue about the making of original prints, drawings, books, and handmade paper. Through our resources, SGCI supports the inquiry, learning, and study of print education from a global perspective.

SGCI is the largest print organization in North America.  Artists from all 50 states and international attendees from Canada, South and Central America, and Europe attend the conference.

“SGCI conferences remain, by my estimation, the most incredible way to meet passionate and dedicated people in our field of printmaking.”

–Miranda Metcalf: Director, Curator, and Founder of pine | copper | lime Podcast

Tier: Online


• Voting on Board of Directors & organizational decisions
• Apply for Student Fellowships & Sponsored Awards 
Access to Opportunities Page listings: job posts, grants, residencies, etc.
• Create an Online Profile
• Apply to participate in Themed Exchange Portfolios / SGCI Archive
Submit for SGCI Graduating Class & I’m Searching for Graduate Programs
• Consideration for inclusion in Graphic Impressions, our social media, and special online programming

Tier 2: Virtual Events + Online
$15/Year for Students

Tier 1 Benefits +

• Virtual Event attendance
• Present at the conference (run a themed portfolio, panel, demo, etc) either in-person or virtually
• Voting on programming
• Apply to lead or participate in Pop-Up Exhibitions at Conferences, either in-person or virtually
• Discounts at Partner Institutions

Tier 3: Conference Attendee + Virtual Events + Online
$35/Year for students

Tier 2 Benefits +

• In-Person conference attendance
• Opt to participate in conference add-on events such as Open Portfolio / Open Portfolio Exhibitions (at an added fee)
• Participate in Mentoring, either as a mentor or mentee
• Participation in Member Print Exchange / SGCI Archive 


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Donor Level 2 Patron (Includes Tier 3)

Member donations have been invaluable in helping SGCI weather the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent months, donors and members have helped SGCI plan upcoming online events. And there’s more to come! Please consider a Sustaining or Patron Membership to SGCI to assist the organization with operational costs during this ongoing pandemic, or make a direct donation here. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Lifetime (Includes Tier 3)
$1000/One-time payment

A Lifetime Membership ensures you never need to renew again!

Institutional Patron Membership (Includes Tier 3)

Tier 3 Benefits +

  • 5 student advocate memberships to SGCI and supports your institution’s commitment to SGCI for one year.
  • Your institution will be listed as an Institutional Patron on the website along with other colleges and universities that support SGCI through this membership.


Artist: John Paul McCaughey

Student Resources

Artist: Tyanna Buie

View Our Members’ Traveling Exhibition

Heather Parrish, Transverse Atopia
Screenprint, 2017, 22″ x 30″,


A few weeks ago, I started my new job as Programming Director at a major art centre in Bangkok, Thailand, all thanks to a chance encounter at SGCI San Francisco in 2013. Waiting for the conference bus outside one of the venues, I struck up a conversation with a group of printmakers from the Eastern Hemisphere –Australia and Thailand. As we continued to talk, I learned that one of them ran an incredible publishing studio in Chiang Mai. Ove... Read More
Miranda Metcalf, Director, Curator, and Founder Hello, Print Friend
As someone coming from another country, building a network of colleagues and friends is never easy but the SGCI conferences have given me so many opportunities to contribute to growing the relationship between artist and community. Immediately after my first SGCI conference, I knew I wanted to get more involved. Having the opportunity to show a demo the following year was a great experience, and I still regularly contact printmakers I met ther... Read More
Mizin Shin: Emerging Artist Graduate Student Award Winner 2017
Images control self-esteem. After joining the board, I have been in the company of kindred spirits inculcated with a sense of duty to recalibrate print practice in the 21st century. As someone who directly benefited from being a member of SGCI and a supportive print community, serving on the board of SGC International gave me the opportunity to give back, open doors, and create opportunities for younger artists. I strongly believe in SGCI and it... Read More
Dr. Faisal Abdu’Allah University of Wisconsin-Madison, SGCI President 2020-2022
Leadership in the SGCI is a tremendous way to create opportunities for colleagues, especially students and emerging artists and teachers, and in this way, to ensure the future of printmaking. I  have attended most SGCI conferences since 1986, and have served on the board, was SGCI president, edited the organization’s newsletter Graphic Impressions for four years, and have been involved in hosting four conferences. While often challenging, t... Read More
Beauvais Lyons Chancellor’s Professor, UT Knoxville SGCI President 1994-1996
Serving on the SGC Board was an expression of gratitude. It was a way to say thank you. Being on the Board introduced me to many people that I would not have otherwise met. It also allowed me to solidify and continue building preexisting friendships from across the country and internationally. Being on the Board is a lot of work. The caveat is that with minimal bureaucracy positive and beneficial changes can take place.
Anita Jung University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa SGCI President 2006-2008
As someone who directly benefited from being a member of SGCI and a supportive print community, serving on the board of SGC International gave me the opportunity to give back, open doors, and create opportunities for younger artists. I strongly believe in SGCI and its mission, and encourage anyone with the time and means to volunteer, to do so. With each new board comes a unique opportunity to make SGCI a better organization.
Joseph Lupo, Professor of Art Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Printmaking Program Coordinator The School of Art and Design West Virginia University
I love SGCI! I am an artist/educator/writer specializing in mokuhanga–Japanese woodcut–and give classes at workshops and colleges around the country. Teaching mainly short workshops my focus is somewhat different from full time educators. SGCI has been essential in showing me what goes on at universities in different parts of the country, what new techniques are being taught, what students are interested in now, and what attitudes th... Read More