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An Exciting Step Ahead for SGC International

An Updated Logo, an Evolving Website, and Expanded Interactivity for Members

SGC International has grown and changed in many ways since its inception nearly 47 years ago in New Orleans. Today we’re thrilled to be a part of yet another stride forward in community engagement and membership volunteerism as we present SGCI’s new logo and website!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Jim Bryant of Murray State University who designed our updated logo and a set of print media icons that will be rolled out as our site continues to develop over the coming weeks and months. Jim, we are endlessly appreciative of your generosity and the gifts of your time and talent. Your work helps us better represent the inclusive identity of our organization and mark SGCI’s active presence in the contemporary print world. We would also like to thank Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kate McQuillen, and RL Tillman who served along with SGCI President Charles Beneke to conceive and design this space as well as Bryce Meyer of Pomelo Productions who developed the site.

Stay tuned! Exciting new ways to interact here will be released regularly over the coming weeks and months. We’re eager to enrich dialogue, showcase the diverse richness of our membership, create community, and foster connections. If you have ideas, don’t hesitate to reach our to us and share them. And, watch out for ways that you, too, can volunteer for SGCI to help our organization continue to grow!

Registration Opening Soon!

Registration Opening Soon!

Connecting People Through Print


Share your Shop

What’s happening in your printshop? Your studio?

SGCI strives to showcase the diverse potential of printmaking and the broad range of working methods. Spot something interesting in your work environment? No finished artwork, but the view across your shop, an inky slab, a registration setup, a pile of scraps, details of a press or printing set-up. Send us moments like these that inspire you so that we can share your shop with our members.

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