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The Listening Channel

SGCI is committed to making an honest appraisal of its history to dismantle the hostile environment experienced by some of  its members. The key to reconciliation is listening to each other as power concedes nothing without motive or demand. To address this, we have created, an email address that will be received by multiple board members and staff and revisited at board meetings. Currently, this email address is being checked by Faisal Abdu’Allah, Arron Foster, and Nicole Geary. Email us directly, or use the form below. If you choose to remain anonymous, please leave the email field blank.

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Kate McQuillen, Program Coordinator:

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Dr. Faisal Abdu’Allah, President:

Zach Fitchner, VP of Internal Affairs:

Claire White, Secretary:

Cat Snapp, Treasurer:

Sabrina Pastard, Student Representative:

Aleksandra Janik, International Member-at-Large:

R.L. Tillman, Charter State Representative:

Nicole Geary, Member-at-Large:

Arron Foster, Member-at-Large:

Valerie Dibble, Archives Coordinator:

Louise Fisher, Web Editor:

Blake Sanders, Web Curator:

Margot Myers, Immediate Past Treasurer: