Puertograbando: April 2-5, 2025

We are excited to announce PUERTOGRABANDO 2025!!!
Set against the captivating backdrop of San Juan, Puerto Rico, we announce an inclusive conference experience for our members and Caribbean printmakers.
In addition to the hallmark features that define SGCI conferences—exhibits, panels, and demonstrations—San Juan, Puerto Rico offers an expanded array of delights, including its stunning landscape and captivating Caribbean printmaking demonstrations and exhibitions. Our new vision is to delve into and appreciate the vibrant history of Printmaking in the Caribbean through bilingual demonstrations and panel discussions in English and Spanish.
Embracing inclusivity, we intend to extend invitations to local Puerto Rican artisans to participate in our vendor fair, enhancing the event with an extraordinary art market.
With PuertoGrabando, we aim to infuse SGCI with an elevated international essence. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we collectively spread the ink within the global spirit of SGCI. We eagerly await your arrival!

Estamos emocionados por anunciar PUERTOGRABANDO 2025!!! Colocado en el cautivador escenario que es San Juan, Puerto Rico, anunciamos una experiencia inclusiva para nuestros miembros y grabadores Caribeños en esta conferencia. En adición las características usuales que definen las conferencias de SGCI- exibiciones, paneles y demostraciones- San Juan, Puerto Rico ofrece una formación expandida de deleites, icluyendo su paisaje maravilloso, y cautivadores grabadores caribeños y sus únicos metodos, demostraciones y exhibiciones. Nuestra nueva visión será adentrarnos y apreciar la vibrante historia del Grabado en el Caribe a través demostraciones bilingües y conversaciones en paneles, en ambos Inglés y Español.
Adoptando la inclusividad, nos proponemos extender invitaciones a artesanos locales puertorriqueños a participar en nuestras ferias de vendedores, mejorando el evento con un extraordinario mercado de arte.
Con PuertoGrabando, queremos infundir SGCI con una essencia elevada internacional. únetenos en este viaje exhilarante mientras propagamos la tinta colectivamente dentro del espíritu global de SGCI. Esperamos ardentemente tu llegada!
In most Hispanic Cultures the word printmaking translates into grabado, a word whose literal translation means relief, etching, and engraving (also means recording, the more you know) all in one. A more accurate translation would be “something that physically affects the surface of something else.” This word defines the discipline of traditional printmaking, and the artist who proudly learns it then earns the title of “grabador”. In spanish, when we end nouns with -ando/-endo, you can transform them into a present continuous verb. For example: trabajar (to work) would become trabajando (working). Therefore, “Grabando” becomes the activity of being currently engaged in printmaking. Puerto, the first half of the name of the country Puerto Rico, means port in english. When combining both Puerto and Grabando, the phrase becomes an invitation to come to the port where printmaking is happening, as well as a way of referencing the island and it being the home of the next SGCI conference.

An interesting video about Puerto Rico’s public art.