Thank You For Joining us at SGCI’s 2024 Annual Conference: 

Verified by Proof

April 3-6, 2024

This is a Printing Office

Crossroads of civilization
Refuge of all the arts
Against the ravages of time
Armory of the fearless truth
Against whispering rumor
Incessant trumpet of trade

From this place words may fly abroad
Not to perish on waves of sound
Not to vary with the writer’s hand
But fixed in time having been verified in proof

Friend you stand on the sacred ground:
This is a Printing Office

–Beatrice Warde, 1932

Providence is a city that has historically been a refuge for dissidents and a stronghold in the battle for individual freedoms. It is a city where print is celebrated in all its forms, from conceptual art to communication design. Printmaking often intersects with other media in Providence’s rich artistic community, which is host to a variety of creative spaces ranging from traditional academic settings to community shops and maker/DIY spaces. We are so excited to bring together this conference that will encourage cross pollination and celebrate the broad scope of printmaking, graphic media, and independent publishing.