2020-22 SGCI Executive Board Slate of Nominees

by | Apr 3, 2020 | SGCItoday

Bright Days Ahead:
Announcing the 2020-22 SGCI Executive Board Slate of Nominees

SGC International is thrilled to announce the 2020-22 Executive Board Slate of Nominees formed by our Nominating Committee. We are certain that you will agree, this inspiring group of individuals eager to lead our community into the future is indeed an example of optimism we are all reaching for today!

Under normal circumstances we would have made this announcement much earlier and voted today to affirm this slate of candidates. This year, however, our attention has been laser focused upon our current world circumstance and its effects upon Puertográfico. Given the complexity of SGCI’s current challenges the 2018-20 Executive Board has agreed to remain in place until May 1. It is our desire to hand off the leadership of our community with a clear financial picture and without involved, unfinished business. Over the course of the coming weeks we will be working earnestly to tighten matters up, share our perspectives, and present our incoming board with a clear path forward.

The SGCI membership will be affirming our next Executive Board through online voting. We are currently in the process of designing this process and plan to open this election for voting on April 15. We will be reaching out with details soon. 

Best wishes to you all! We have bright days ahead!


Charles Beneke
SGC International, President