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SGC International Awards

SGC International presents four awards and two student fellowships  at each conference. Learn More about the Awards  

The Lifetime Achievement in Printmaking Award

The Lifetime Achievement in Printmaking Award is given annually to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the professional development of printmaking as a fine art. This is the only SGCI award that may be given posthumously. Nominations are solicited from the conference host institution only and accepted by the SGCI Awards Committee.

2018: Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith 2017: Sue Coe 2016: James Rosenquist 2015: Red Grooms 2014: Kathan Brown 2013: Lesley Dill 2012: Esther Sparks, Joan Mitchell 2011: Hung Liu

2010: Judy Pfaff 2009: Leonard Lehrer 2008: Kerry James Marshall 2007: Xu Bing 2006: Warrington Colescott 2005: William Wiley 2004: Chuck Close

The Printmaker Emeritus Award

The Printmaker Emeritus Award is given annually to a senior printmaker of established reputation, one whose career is an established fact rather than of promise. However, no specific age is fixed. The candidate’s primary area of artistic endeavor should be in the field of printmaking—and may include related media such as papermaking or artist’s books—whether as a practitioner, educator or administrator. Members, submit your nominations to the SGCI Awards Committee here!

2018: Dennis B. O’Neil 2017: Sidney Cross 2016: John Risseeuw 2015: Ruth Weisberg 2014: Wayne Thiebaud 2013: Margo Humphrey, Judith Solodkin 2012: David Driesbach 2011: Luis Camnitzer 2010: Rochelle Toner 2009: Raymond Martin 2008: Helen Frederick 2007: Karen Kunc 2006: Sue Gosin 2005: Elizabeth Catlett 2004: Judith Brodsky 2003: Michael Mazur 2002: Boyd Saunders 2001: Antonio Frasconi 2000: Krishna Reddy 1999: Jules Heller 1998: Clinton Adams, Kenneth Tyler

1997: Donald Saff 1996: Nancy Spero 1995: June Wayne 1994: Garo Antreasian 1993: Robert Blackburn 1992: Lee R. Chesney, Jr. 1991: Warrington Colescott 1990: James Steg 1989: Rudy Pozzatti 1988: Leonard Baskin 1987: Gabor Peterdi 1986: William Walmsley 1985: Constance Forsythe 1984: Corrie McCallum, Sally Frost Knerr 1983: Jacob Kainen, Prentice Taylor, James Lesesne Wells 1982: Alexander Hogue, Maricio Lasansky, Dole Reed 1981: Maltby Sykes 1980: Caroline Durieux 1979: Richard Zoellner 1978: Elizabeth Verner O’Neil

The Excellence in Teaching Printmaking Award

The Excellence in Teaching Printmaking Award is given annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to teaching printmaking and has demonstrated excellence in his or her own creative work. Members, submit your nominations to the SGCI Awards Committee here!

2018: Melanie Yazzie 2017: Norm Wagner 2016: Tom Prochaska and Christy Wyckoff 2015: Walter Jule 2014: Fred Hagstrom 2013: Frances Myers 2012: Kimberly Arp 2011: Peter Marcus

2010: Lois M. Johnson 2009: Virginia Myers 2008: Steve Murakishi 2007: Hugh Merrill 2006: Lynwood Kreneck 2005: Lloyd Menard 2004: Ken Kerslake

The Honorary Member of the Council Award

The Honorary Member of the Council Award is given annually to someone who has performed outstanding service to the SGCI organization. Members, submit your nominations to the SGCI Awards Committee here!

2018: Beth Grabowski 2017: April Flanders & Susan Goldman 2016: Alicia Candiani 2015: Eun Lee 2014: Mark Hosford, Joseph Lupo 2013: John Risseeuw 2012: April Katz, Anita Jung

2011: Dan Gualdoni, Francesca Hendron-Consagra 2010: Roberta Fallon, Libby Rosof, John Ittmann 2009: Bernie Solomon, Tom Dewey, Roger Steele 2008: Don R. Byrum, Ed O’Neil, R. Olof Sorensen 2007: Carol Pulin 2005: Sydney Cross, Jeanet Strickler-Dreskin, Beauvais Lyons, Joseph Sanders

Student Fellowship Awards

Each year SGCI awards two Student Fellowships, one undergraduate ($500) and one graduate ($1000). Students may self-nominate, but must have a faculty sponsor who will submit a letter of support (nomination), and must be enrolled at the time of application. Applicants and the faculty sponsor must be SGCI members in good standing. Apply for a SGCI Student Fellowship Award here!

Graduate 2018: Louise Fisher Arizona State University 2017: Mizin Shin The State University of New York at Buffalo 2016: Heather Leier University of Alberta, Edmonton 2015: B.J. Alumbaugh University of Tennessee/Knoxville 2014: Kaitlyn Gesel The State University of New York at New Paltz 2013: Jennifer Scheuer, University of Tennessee/Knoxville 2012: Aaron S. Coleman Northern Illinois University 2011: Taryn McMahon University of Iowa 2010: Camilla Taylor California State University in Long Beach 2009: Tate Foley University of Georgia 2008: Janine Biunno SMFA, Boston 2007: Matthew Carlson 2006: Sherry Black University of Nebraska, Lincoln 2005: Joel Seah Syracuse University, New York

Undergraduate 2018: Jasmine Williams University of West Georgia 2017: Nicole Soley Minnesota State University, Mankato 2016: Dana Potter University of Northern Iowa 2015: Betsy Stout Indiana University 2014: Izabella Jarvis Indiana University 2013: Tyna Ontko Western Washington University 2012: Ryan Kangail Northern Illinois University 2011: Gaia Maryland Institute College of Art 2010: Benjamin Love Boise State University 2009: Carlos Cazares Kansas City Art Institute 2008: Rachel Gargiulo SMFA, Boston 2007: Elizabeth Jacobson 2005: Richard Gamble Memphis College of Art 2005: Under Catherine Meier University of Nebraska, Lincoln