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Get Involved in the Leadership of SGCI!

Consider what you could contribute and how you can help SGC International forward.

SGCI is  always seeking volunteers from our membership. If you are interested in serving on committees or have another skillset with which you can assist SGCI, please email Kate McQuillen at

SGCI will begin seeking nominations for members to serve on our 2020 – 22 Board of Directors in the spring of 2019. All SGCI members in good standing are invited to nominate candidates. Members may also self-nominate. Please email Kate McQuillen at by August 1, 2019 with the following information, which will be shared with the Nominating Committee for consideration:

  • Name of nominee(s)
  • Contact information
  • Institutional affiliation, if any
  • Brief statement of nominee’s qualifications for the position



The President leads the organization by overseeing routine operations, identifying opportunities, and establishing initiatives to be undertaken by the organization. The President serves as ex-officio member for an additional two years.

VICE PRESIDENT (of Internal Affairs)
The Vice President (of Internal Affairs) presides over any meeting of the organization in the absence of the President. Duties include coordinating the member’s traveling exhibition.

VICE PRESIDENT (of Outreach)
The Vice President (of Outreach) duties include fundraising, the Mentorship Program, and sharing information about SGCI with a greater community of artists and other art organizations.

The Secretary maintains the roll and minutes of all Executive Board and Membership meetings and may preside over any meeting of the organization in the absence of the President or Vice-Presidents.

The Treasurer maintains the financial records of the organization, oversees all moneys of the organization, and receives and disburses moneys as directed by the President and the Executive Board.

The International Representative serves to represent the international membership on the Executive Board and coordinates a panel at the annual conference.

The Student Representative serves the student membership on the Executive Board, is responsible for the student page in Graphic Impressions three times annually, and coordinates a panel at the annual conference.

Board Members

Three Members-at-Large are be elected from the membership and serve to broaden representation on the Executive Board. Voting member; 2-year terms.

Board Appointments

The President appoints one Awards Coordinator to oversee the conference awards, student awards, and grants. Non-voting member; no fixed term; may hold other positions on the Board.

The Archives coordinator promotes and educates our membership and the general public on the history of the SGCI archives. Non-voting member; no fixed term; may hold other positions on the Board.

The President appoints one Affiliate Liaisons to coordinate panels and events with other printmaking organizations and educational nonprofits. Non-voting member, no fixed term.

The President appoints one Newsletter Editor. The Newsletter Editor’s primary responsibility is the editorial content, design, production and mailing of our digital publication, Graphic Impressions, which comes out three times a year. Non-voting member; no fixed term.

The President appoints one Web Coordinator to manage the website and send announcements to the membership via email. Non-voting member; no fixed term.