AJ Zandt

Iowa State University
Master of Fine Arts

by | May 16, 2019 | Graduate 2019

Artist’s Statement
My most recent prints expand the relationship between the human body and surface through the lens of skin and clothing. Each work is comprised of varied combinations of pressure-printed fabrics and impressions of human skin on paper that take the shape of sewing patterns. I tear my prints after the first layers are established and follow the tears with shuffling, reassembling, and reprinting before stitching the pieces together. The prints are a reflection on the role of surface as a boundary. They are barriers that capture, like a fine net or filter, the actions of an artist at work. The actions themselves permeate the paper, but the evidence of the experience is registered—or printed—onto the paper’s surface. They are left behind as affirmations of life.

Website: https://ajzandt.net
E-mail: ajzandt@gmail.com