Anna Orbovich

University of Minnesota
Master of Fine Arts

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Graduate 2019

Artist’s Statement
“Staring out from a window seat, my view looks down on the fjord as the train tracks meander along the edge of a cliff. Pine trees zoom by at a blurred pace, drifting in and out of a heavy fog. At times, the haze becomes so dense only a map can tell me where I am. The terrain shifts as we cross into Sweden. There are less trees and more open spaces, rock outcrops and lakes. Trains carrying iron ore pass by heading towards Narvik.”

I’m fascinated by the lines, textures, formations and moments that have shaped this earth. I’m in awe at the magnitude of it all, determined to somehow transcribe and share my thoughts through prints, drawings, sculptures and text. By continually creating and sharing, I’m hoping to maybe preserve at least a little bit of the wildness left on this planet. My interest lies in the interconnectedness of trails and waterways. I wonder about how the influence of human footprints have an effect on the environment through resource extraction and the desire to explore wilderness.

My creative practice is an exploration of materials, processes, ideas and the outdoors with an effort to find a way to cope with making work knowing that it is impossible to leave absolutely no trace on the environments that I’m so amazed by.

Instagram: @aeorbovich