SGCI Board Nominations are now closed!

Serving on the Board

As someone who directly benefited from being a member of SGCI and a supportive print community, serving on the board of SGC International gave me the opportunity to give back, open doors, and create opportunities for younger artists. I strongly believe in SGCI and its mission, and encourage anyone with the time and means to volunteer, to do so. With each new board comes a unique opportunity to make SGCI a better organization.
–Joseph Lupo, West Virginia University, SGCI President 2008-2010

Serving on the Board

“Make your voice matter. If you want a change, be part of the change. One person may be small to change, but many hands make light work.
–Sangmi Yoo, Member-at-Large, 2018-2020

Serving on the Board

Leadership in the SGCI is a tremendous way to create opportunities for colleagues, especially students and emerging artists and teachers, and in this way, to ensure the future of printmaking. I  have attended most SGCI conferences since 1986, and have served on the board, was SGCI president, edited the organization’s newsletter Graphic Impressions for four years, and have been involved in hosting four conferences. While often challenging, these activities were always meaningful, and made a difference in the lives of others. I have seen my current students  transformed by attending an open portfolio session at one of our conferences, making lasting connections with new peers. Most exciting, some of my former students have gone onto play an active role in SGCI leadership, and in this way, one can see the torch passed to another generation of printmakers. SGCI is not a monolith, but a professional and academic organization of our own creation, and will evolve and grow as it is able to attract new leadership to it ranks.
Beauvais Lyons, Chancellor’s Professor, UT Knoxville, SGCI President 1994-1996

Serving on the Board

Serving on the SGC Board was an expression of gratitude. It was a way to say thank you. Being on the Board introduced me to many people that I would not have otherwise met. It also allowed me to solidify and continue building preexisting friendships from across the country and internationally. Being on the Board is a lot of work. The caveat is that with minimal bureaucracy positive and beneficial changes can take place.
Anita Jung, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. SGCI President, 2006-2008.

Dear SGC International Members,

SGC International is seeking nominations and self-nominations for the 2023-2026 Executive Board. 

Terms begin after the March 2023 Conference: Multiple Layers.

We seek nominees who reflect the philosophic, geographic, institutional, racial, and gender diversity of our membership.

The call for nominations will only proceed if the pool is sufficiently diverse with applicants identifying as Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, Latinx, Persons of Color, Women, or Persons with a Disability. We hope you will consider nominating yourself or your colleagues for these important leadership roles, described in further detail below.

All SGCI Members in good standing are invited to nominate or self-nominate. Click to jump to the application form below.

For more information please contact or Claire White

Thank you, 

Claire White
President, SGC International

Board Roles Include

  • President
  • Vice President of Outreach
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs
  • Treasurer
  • Treasurer 2
  • Secretary
  • Affiliates Coordinator
  • Awards Coordinator
  • Archives Coordinator
  • Graphic Impressions and Social Media Coordinator 

The work for any of these positions may be split between multiple board members.

SGCI’s Charter requires us to have at least one International Member, Student Member, and board member from Maryland.

Benefits of Serving

  • Guide the direction of the organization during an exciting time of change and development
  • Support initiatives that are meaningful to you
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Interact directly with members and form deeper connections in the community
  • Develop skill sets in governance, finance, branding, and other topics
  • Expand your professional network and create lasting relationships with colleagues
  • Develop your Curriculum Vitae

Process & Timeline

  • February 7th, 2023: Applications open
  • March 7th, 2023: Applications close
  • March 8th, 2023: Nominees are screened for eligibility by the board, outlined below
  • March 10th, 2023: Election opens to the membership. Board Members will be chosen by way of a popular vote of active members. 
  • March 17th, 2023: Election closes to the membership
  • March 20th, 2023: Nominees notified of results and final meeting of the current board
  • March 24th, 2023: Newly elected board members announced to the membership
  • April 2023: First Meeting of the New Board


There are 4 general board positions open for application. As of October 4th, 2021, all board members hold voting positions.

Board nominees will be elected by the membership through a general board election. It’s the expectation that the board, as a group, identify specific duties following the election. Officer duties and jobs will be assigned based on existing skills, aptitudes, and interests of individual board members. The new board will determine internally the officer duties of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The board requires a Charter Member from Maryland, a Student Member, and an International Member. We are currently seeking new Student and International Members as well as two general board positions.


    The SGCI Board provides leadership to the organization by:

    • Exercising due diligence and oversight to ensure that SGCI is well-managed and financially sound.
    • Functioning as trustees of SGCI’s assets.
    • Ensuring SGCI is in compliance with federal, state and local nonprofit laws, including adherence to the Constitution, Bylaws and other governing documents, filing taxes and maintaining insurance policies.
    • Setting the organization’s annual budget.
    • Ensuring that proper accounting and reporting is happening at all times.
    • Establishing, maintaining, and reviewing compensation guidelines.
    • Assisting with organizational funding.
    • Adhering to Robert’s Rules of Order to maintain the roll and minutes of Executive Board and Membership meetings.
    • Appointing Conference Hosts and any necessary liaisons for upcoming conferences and events.
    • Supporting the Conference Steering Committee with the planning and development of SGCI conferences.
    • Accepting nominations from the membership for SGCI Awards and assisting the Conference Steering Committee in coordinating the Awards Ceremony.
    • Serving as oversight for the archives at the Zuckerman Museum of Art (ZMA).
    • Spearheading the editorial content of the Graphic Impressions section of SGCI’s website.
    • Assisting with the organization’s communication to membership

    Board member attendance at the annual conference and mid-year meeting is required. It is expected that board members will contribute meaningful volunteer hours to the organization during their terms both at the annual conference and leading up to it.

    With these service requirements and in following non-profit best practice, once officially inducted as board members, SGC International covers the following expenses for board members during their term of service: 

      • Advocate Membership waived
      • Conference registration waived

    For the annual conference and mid-year meeting:

      • Travel reimbursement (coach/economy ticket or fuel)
      • Lodging booked by SGCI
      • Per diem for meals

    The annual conference is traditionally held in the spring of each year and the mid-year meeting in the fall at the site of the upcoming conference.

    Board members may elect not to accept waivers or travel support from SGCI. Some past board members have received support from their places of work or chose to cover their own costs.




    • Possesses passion and commitment for SGCI and its mission.
        • Is a current SGCI member.
        • Demonstrates engagement with SGCI, printmaking, and/or graphic arts fields through a history of participation.
    • Not required, but appreciated:
        • Participates in leadership roles in the art community, such as through an academic institution, community printshop, art-based business or similar organizations.
        • Experience working in the non-profit realm or serving on nonprofit boards, for-profit boards, or in civic engagement positions.
        • Experience in grant writing and fundraising
        • Experience in finance, accounting, taxes or law.


    1. Attend the annual conference.
    2. Attend the mid-year meeting.
    3. Contribute meaningful volunteer hours to the organization during their term both at the annual conference and leading up to it.


    1. Embrace the mission of the organization.
    2. Learn—and carry out—the legal responsibilities of the board.
    3. Chairs at least one committee or task force.
    4. Help with fundraising efforts.
    5. Make an effort to attend all board meetings and special events during their term beyond the annual conference and mid-year meeting.
    6. Communicate if you cannot attend meetings.
    7. Come to board meetings prepared to participate fully and show a willingness to work within SGCI’s Google Drive and attentively communicate via Gmail accounts.
    8. Learn enough about the organization to portray it accurately.
    9. Serve as an ambassador between the organization and the community.
    10. Exercise confidentiality in dealings with the board.
    11. Support the organization and officers in times of crisis.
    12. Fulfill commitments on time.

    Conference Expectations

    1. Assist day-of logistics as needed, such as registration check-in, vendor load in/load out, Open Portfolio Sessions, facilitating Mentorship Sessions and Members’ Portfolio Exchange, or other duties.
    2. Uphold SGCI’s standard of extraordinary customer service to all SGCI members attending programs, as well as to all visitors, employees, and volunteers.
    3. Answer questions effectively about all programs, exhibitions, events, policies, and information that SGCI has to offer.

    Applications have closed!