PROVIDENCE, RI | April 4-7, 2024

Several Round 2 events have been extended until September 15, 2023

We have extended events that needed a little more time to fill up. Click on each event shown in the list below, scroll to the bottom to see if registration is still open or if it has been closed. This is a new registration system–also, it seems to work the best if using Chrome as your browser. If at any time you have issues, please contact us at

Step 1.

You must be a current member at a Collaborator level or above to register to be part of a panel or themed portfolio. If you are accepted as a panelist, you MUST be an Advocate Level or above in order to register for the conference (Conference registration is a requirement for being part of a panel).

However, for the purpose of applying, you only need to be at a Collaborator or above. Log in to the membership portal to check your status/renew your membership.

Step 2.

View events, click on the thumbnails for more information (be sure to read the tabs below so you know what you’re signing up for). If interested in applying, click “Register.” A registration box will pop up where you’ll need to select 1 as your “ticket” number and you will enter your contact info. The organizer will be notified of your interest and you will be sent a confirmation email. 

An SGCI panel is a topic of conversation pertaining to anything of interest to printmakers and print enthusiasts. The selected panels are chaired by the person who submits their application in the Round 1 Call for Participation (typically close to a year prior to the conference).

Individuals interested in speaking on one of the selected panels apply during the Round 2 Call for Participation. SGCI encourages the inclusion of student members on panels.

Panels typically consist of four people:
• The Panel Chair, who will introduce each speaker, contextualize their presentations, and lead any Q&A sessions at the end of the panel discussion
• Panelists, who share their own expertise and experience on the topic

Set-up for a Panel discussion is theater-style; the panelists are seated at a table in the front of a room or onstage with microphones, and usually a projector or A/V screen set up next to/behind them.

Panels are scheduled for a two hour increments, but typically last about an hour and a half. The number of panels change at each conference, depending on the amount of spaces available and/or number of proposals.

Themed Portfolios are conference-theme inspired print exhibitions organized and curated by and for SGCI members, and are based on the conference’s theme. Usually around 20 different Themed Portfolios are displayed during the conference. Participants produce an edition of prints with the same number of participants, plus one for the SGCI archive and one for the conference host. All of the editions are collected and collated into portfolios; each participant receives a portfolio with a full set of prints; one copy of the portfolio is donated to the conference’s host institution/s, and one copy is donated to the SGC International Archive at the Zuckerman Museum of Art at Kennesaw State University.

These portfolios display a wide range and scope of work from SGCI’s ever-growing membership. A current Guide for Themed Portfolios can be found on our website. Please review this for the most up-to-date info on procedures.

Portfolios are a significant part of the conference and will be displayed in designated conference rooms at the hotel, or in areas of the host institution. Applicants may submit some proposed artists for inclusion, but must also accept a certain number of participants through the application process. The goal is to increase the opportunity for more people to be part of the portfolios. A call for Revised participants will go out ideally in early summer, and applicants will email the organizer directly.

Organizers make their final decisions by mid-summer. Organizers are responsible for bringing one complete portfolio to the conference, which will be exhibited and then retained for the SGCI archives. They will coordinate the hanging of the prints at the hotel on the designated day. They are also responsible for distribution of the remaining prints among participants, so ask them to make sure the cost of participation covers the portfolio cases and any necessary shipping. To ensure a wide variety of work, we ask that artists do not participate in more than one Themed Portfolio.

Step 3.

You will be hearing directly from the proposal creator on your interest. If you have been accepted to more than one panel or portfolio, you will need to choose, as only one panel or portfolio is possible per member. This will allow us to involve as many members as possible.