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About the Call for Participation

General Information

About the Call

The Call for Participation is the official call made by SGCI for members to apply to be a participant in the annual conference’s programming. The Call is announced about a year before each conference.

Membership: You do not need to be a member of SGCI to apply, but if accepted, you must become a member. All event participants must be an active member of SGCI to participate in any event, including themed portfolios, even if they are not attending that year’s conference. Participants will receive an official letter of participation for their records.

Multiple Events: Members are asked to only participate in one event + one themed portfolio per conference. Members may apply to more than one event, but if selected for multiple events, they must choose which one they will participate in. Members are asked to wait a year after presenting before applying again. We do this in the hopes of opening up as many spots as possible to the largest number of members!

For the current Call for Participation, please check the navigation bar for the next conference.

How to Apply

Round 1:

For members who are interested in being an Event Organizer. Event Organizers lead an event, such as a panel, themed portfolio, demonstration, pop-up exhibition, etc.  
  1. Members apply directly to SGCI, through a portal on our website.
  2. The Steering Committee juries the applications according to the criteria described below. Juries usually consist of a panel of seven or eight SGC International members, primarily from the Steering Committee.
  3. If a proposal is accepted, the submission materials will be used to automatically generate a web page about the accepted event.
  4. The Event Organizer will then have edit access to their event’s web page through their SGCI Dashboard, and can make adjustments to what they want potential applicants to see.

Round 2:

For members who are interested in being Participants in an event, i.e, as a panelist, part of a themed portfolio, part of a pop-up exhibition, etc.  
  1. SGCI will announce that Round 2 is open. Members can view the list of accepted events open for application on the SGCI website.
  2. Each event that is open for application will list guidelines for how to apply to that particular event.
  3. Interested members fill out a single application page for all the events they want to apply to. Members are asked to only participate in one event + one themed portfolio per conference. Members may apply to more than one event, but if selected for multiple events, they must choose. Members are asked to wait a year after presenting before applying again.
  4. SGCI will send each Event Organizer a list of their applicants and their files.
  5. Event Organizers jury from their list. We recommend that each Event Organizer has a list of alternates in the event that some of their selected participants have committed to other events.
  6. SGCI encourages Event Organizers to make selections with diversity and inclusivity in mind, including students and people outside of one’s immediate network.
  7. Event Organizers communicate with applicants about their acceptance.
  8.  Participants must choose which event and themed portfolio they will participate in, and communicate with their Event Organizers.
  9. Event Organizers send their final list of participants to SGCI, and update their web page to reflect their final list of participants. 

Jurying Criteria and Evaluation


The components for evaluation for Round 1, described below, are weighted similarly to the way state agencies, AWP, and the National Endowment for the Arts weight their components by varying amounts.

Artistic or Academic Merit (45%)

Subcommittee members evaluate the artistic value, pedagogical value, intellectual value, or entrepreneurial value of the proposal. High-scoring panels should be artistically meritorious, intellectually significant, with a roster of talented artists or accomplished experts on the topic.

Importance to Members (25%)

How important is it to our attendees that our conference offers this topic? Subcommittee members evaluate how useful the presentation would be to one or more of SGCI’s constituencies: students, emerging professionals, academics, program directors, publishers, print shops, individual practitioners, etc. The subcommittee will assess the relative novelty of the proposal (for example, has something been similar been offered in recent conference year programming?), basing decisions on if the proposed panel will be new and important to a significant number of our attendees.

Diversity (20%)

Subcommittee members evaluate whether or not the proposal will offer artistic, intellectual, regional, political, ethnic, and cultural diversity to the conference, and whether or not it addresses the needs of all communities working in printmaking.

Proposal Integrity (10%)

Is the necessary information (event description, statement of merit, biographical notes) complete and useful? Are the moderator and/or presenters reliable professionals? Subcommittee members evaluate both the proposal’s intentions and the ability of the presenters to fulfill those intentions.