Giving Tuesday 2020

Help Create an Equitable and Accessible
Virtual SGCI Event

 • Honorariums & Artist Fees for Presenters •

• Closed Captioning •

eatured artwork on this page by SGCI member Randy Garber: “Diminuendo.” Sound, intaglio, relief, hand painting on player piano scrolls, boxes. Learn more about Garber’s work and how she visualizes her aural sensory experience.


When community members share small acts of generosity, it adds up to a greater good.

This spring, we hope to make our virtual event as equitable and accessible as possible. Please consider donating to this initiative to help us provide greater accessibility to our content, and give back to the artists who will share their work with us. SGCI membership will be the only cost to members to attend the virtual event.

Member donations have been invaluable in helping SGCI weather the COVID-19 pandemic throughout two cancelled conferences.

You will receive an email with information verifying that your donation is tax-deductible.