Graphic Impressions RETURNS!

The Persistence of Print

by | Dec 2, 2019 | SGCItoday

Coming December 21, 2019

SGC International has reimagined Graphic Impressions and we are excited to announce its return on December 21, 2019. The print world is constantly evolving and we know that our membership needs more than a static newsletter published three times a year. The new, expanded Graphic Impressions will be a continuously developing web journal enriching the content of our website, the discourse of our discipline, and SGC’s educational mission.

This next incarnation of Graphic Impressions will be built around seasonal themes with essays, interviews, online exhibitions, and more published continuously to our site. In addition to postings directly related to our themes, exhibition reviews and more timely contributions will be featured as well to make certain that Graphic Impressions is about printmaking right now. To help ensure that our content is always fresh, we will accept submissions on a rolling basis with weekly deadlines on Friday at 11:59 PM. Seasonal theme focused submissions will be accepted well into the topic’s season creating the opportunity for our membership to have a dialogue around these topics by adding to the discussion in inventive ways.

Graphic Impressions’ first seasonal theme will be “The Persistence of Print.” The call for submissions for this winter season, as well general submissions, is now open. The SGCI Board of Directors, Louise Fisher, Graphic Impressions web editor, and Blake Sanders, Graphic Impressions web curator, are eager to work with the SGCI membership to develop your web journal. Send us your proposals today by visiting the Graphic Impressions Submissions Page.