Hayley Simon

California State University Stanislaus
Bachelor of Fine Arts

by | May 12, 2019 | Undergraduate 2019

Artist’s Statement
The social significance of modern myth is now more apparent than ever. My artwork centers on creating a visual narrative primarily through printmaking by making sense of emotions and giving significance to feelings. It is an exploration of life as a search for purpose and myth by developing images through reflection and spontaneity. In a place where I feel a loss of identity and interconnectedness, I am extending perception of real lived life. I am singling out specific moments in time and relating them to other moments for an intensified emotion to define its new dimension and perception of the memory and its reason. I look toward a myth structure to make sense of life, to combat anxiety, and to fulfill the desire for community.

Overall my work is an intimate look at memory and perspective, thinking about them collectively in order to make sense of their purpose and piecing them together.

Website: arthsimon.wordpress.com
Instagram: arthsimon
E-mail: artisthsimon@gmail.com